Adele is One of the most well-known vocalists in the world. Laurie Blue Adkins, better known by her stage name Adele is the author of several timeless hits, including “Hello,” “Rolling in the Deep,” “Skyfall,” and numerous others.

She has won an Oscar and fifteen Grammy Awards in total. For her work on 25, she was awarded five Grammys in 2017: album, record, and song of the year.

Quick Info

REAL NAMELaurie Blue Adkins
BORNMay 5, 1988
AGE35 years old
BIRTHPLACENorth London, England,
HEIGHT1.76 m


North London, England, was the place of Adele Laurie Blue Adkins’ birth on May 5, 1988. Adele was the only child of Welsh father Mark Evans, who abandoned the family when Adele was four years old, and Penny Adkins, a self-described “arty mom” who was only eighteen at the time of Adele’s birth.

Evans kept in touch with his daughter until the adolescent years, at which point their relationship soured due to his alcoholism and growing distance from her. Adele, on the other hand, became close to her mother, who loved her daughter and told her “to explore, and not to stick with one thing.”

Early Life

From an early age, Adele became passionate about music. She had a soft spot for Lauryn Hill, Mary J. Blige, and Destiny’s Child songs. However, it was when she was fifteen and stumbled upon an assortment of Etta James and Ella Fitzgerald records at a nearby bookstore that she had her real, epiphany.

Adele was intelligent, but she didn’t seem to belong in a traditional classroom. Instead, her mother enrolled her in the Amy Winehouse-alumniated BRIT School for Performing Arts & Technology.

Adele recorded a three-track demo while in school for a class assignment, which she later uploaded to her MySpace page. Following their listening to the tracks, XL Recordings executives got in touch with Adele and, in November 2006—just four months after her graduation—signed her to a record deal.

Net Worth

As of 2023, Adele has a $220 million net worth. Her earnings from the music from her fourth studio album, 30, are not included in this figure yet. Her albums, performances, etc., are her main sources of revenue.


Adela has won Grammys for multiple successful albums. Adele achieved unprecedented commercial success and critical acclaim for her first two albums, 19 and 21.


Early in 2008, Adele’s debut album, 19, which bears her age at the time of the project’s recording, went on sale. With the help of the album’s two hit lead singles, “Hometown Glory” and “Chasing Pavements,” Adele shot to stardom. Columbia Records released 19 in the US, and it quickly became popular there, just as it had in Britain with music lovers.

 Adele’s October 2008 Saturday Night Live appearance solidified her commercial success. When the show was filmed, the album was rated No. 40 on iTunes. It was No. 1 less than a day later.


When Adele’s highly anticipated follow-up album 21, which was again named for her age at the time of recording, was released in early 2011, it did not let fans down. Reaching even further into Adele’s love of vintage American jazz and R&B, the record became an enormous hit, moving 352,000 copies in its first week of release. 

With hits like “Rolling in the Deep” and “Someone Like You,” Adele’s album 21 elevated her to a unique level. She became the only artist outside of the Beatles and 50 Cent to reach that milestone in February 2011, when she found herself with two Top 5 singles and two Top 5 albums in the same week. 

‘25’ (2015)

Adele declared on October 22, 2015, that her third album, 25, would be available in November. Regarding her first full-length studio album in several years, she shared a photo of the cover of 25 on Instagram and wrote, “My last record was a break-up record, and if I had to label this one, I would call it a make-up record.” compensating for lost time. making up for all of my past transgressions and indiscretions. The year 25 is about realizing who I’ve become without even realizing it. I apologize for the delay, but life had other plans.”

November 2015 saw the release of 25, a collection of poignant, at times melancholic songs exploring the ups and downs of relationships. Traditional popcraft is largely responsible for the album’s sound. After that, the album became a global smash hit, peaking at No. 1 on iTunes in 110 nations. 25 broke the ‘NSync record of 2.42 million album copies sold in a week by selling 3.38 million copies in the United States in just seven days. In addition to other achievements, 25 is the only album to sell one million copies in the US in ten days.

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