Anabelle Acosta is a Cuban-American actress who has become a rising star because of her fascinating roles and appealing personality traits. Acosta was born in the Cuban city of Havana on February 28, 1987. Anabelle’s path began when her family moved to the United States. She blended her Cuban roots with the many possibilities in her new country. Her rise as a tough actor is an example of how hard work can lead to success in Hollywood and elsewhere.

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Anabelle Acosta
February 28, 1987
36 years old
Cuban-American Actress
5 Million dollars
170 cm
Brown eyes
Dark brown 

Annabelle Acosta Career

Anabelle’s success in the entertainment industry began similarly to that of every other success story. Anabelle was born with an interest in the performing arts, which is how she started to work in the industry by taking part in shows at a local theater. Her entry into the film industry was made possible by the compliments of qualified individuals who recognized her dedication and talent.

Anabelle Acosta Net Worth 

Anabelle’s net worth is $5 million. Her net worth is an outcome of her dedication, wise career choices, and noticeable skills. Anabelle’s income grew to new heights in combination with the success of her career. She was in demand for high-paying characters and endorsements due to her ability to portray a wide variety of roles and bring her characters to life. 

Anabelle Movies

Anabelle’s Hollywood career kicked off with minor roles in TV series and film projects. But it was her outstanding performance in the hit TV series “Quantico” that cemented her fame. She did an excellent job portraying Anabelle, and both fans and reviewers praised her performance.

Anabelle is remarkable because she can effortlessly transition between dramatic, entertaining, and thrilling stories. Because of how hard she worked and how ready she was to take on a variety of segments, she developed a reputation as a talented and versatile actor.

2008The Next HitHot Bartender
We Made This MovieKelly Acevedo
2014By the GunFBI Agent Sarah Ramsey
2017Fat CampAbby
2019Kill ChainThe Woman in Red
2020The SubjectJess Rivas
Anabelle Movies

Anabelle Personal Life

Anabelle Acosta private life differs from the big screen.  She is well-known for keeping her personal life confidential, and she walks a delicate path between her public image and the privacy of her household. Her close companions claim that she is simple and down-to-earth, a quality that makes her popular with both her admirers and those around her.

Anabelle Personal Life

Anabelle Acosta Husband

Algenis Perez Soto, a Dominican actor, and Anabelle Acosta were previously dating. However, they split up, and in 2018, she was spotted holding hands with “Criminal Minds” actor Shemar Moore. Shemar and Anabelle only dated for a brief time until she moved forward again with Algenis Perez Soto in 2018. 

On April 24, 2019, Anabelle Acosta and Algenis Perez Soto tied the knot. Her husband is a well-known actor. He is best known for playing Att-Lass in the superhero movie “Captain Marvel” (2019), but he also played Miguel in the sports drama movie “Sugar” (2008).

Anabelle Acosta Controversies

When it comes to controversies and speculations, it was said that Anabelle dated lesbians, but she quickly denied the idea. She was photographed kissing Dwayne Johnson in 2014 on the set of their new television program, Ballers, which was filmed in Miami.  After that, rumors of their relationship spread, but she stated that she and Dwayne did not have common interests.

Anabelle Acosta and rapper Wiz Khalifa have frequently been spotted together in public. They were spotted together at the Baller opening, and it was speculated that she was dating him. Later, she denied the rumor by expressing that there is nothing between them and that they are just friends.

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