Arielle Caroline Kebbel born on February 19, 1985, is an American actress and model. She has appeared in multiple films, like ‘John Tucker Must Die’. Kebbel, Born in Winter Park, Florida, began his career as a model. She made her acting debut in the popular TV show ‘Crime Scene Investigation’ as a guest star.

Her breakthrough role was in the comedy-drama TV series “Gilmore Girls.” Kebbel is also well-known for her recurring role in the hit TV show ‘The Vampire Diaries,’ in which she played a teenage girl who falls in love with a much older vampire. She was famous for her work in Ballers and Vampire Diaries.

Quick Info

Full Name Arielle Kebbel
Birthday 19 Feb, 1985
Age 38 years
Horoscope Pisces
Fav. No. 8
Fav. Stone Aquamarine
Fav. ColorSea Green
Best for marriage Cancer, Scorpio
Sex Female
Professions Actress
Country USA
Maritial Status Marital Status
Height 5 feet 4 inches
Eye Color Hazel
Hair color Blonde
Body size Hair Color
Birth place Winter Park, Florida
Nationality American
Mother Sheri Kelley
Siblings 2(sister and brother) Julia and Christian
Net worths $3 million

Arielle Kebbel Early Days

Arielle Kebbel was born in Winter Park, Florida on February 19, 1985. She was the first runner-up at the 2002 Miss Florida Teen USA beauty pageant. Her journey into the entertainment industry began at the age of 17 when she moved to Los Angeles to pursue her dream of becoming an actress.

Kebbel was a full-time model before pursuing a career in acting. She received her training at the Lisa Maile Image, Modeling, and Acting School in Florida. While many would consider such a move to be risky, Kebbel’s determination was unwavering. Her first foray into show business saw her working as a model and landing a few minor television roles.

Arielle Kebbel Acting Career

Kebbel successfully auditioned for her first major role as Lindsay Lister on The CW’s Gilmore Girls. She went on to have recurring roles in the third, fourth, and fifth seasons. She has appeared in television shows such as Entourage, Grounded for Life, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, and The Vampire Diaries. She worked on two ABC pilots, Football Wives and No Heroics.

In 2004, Kebbel worked with Kevin Hart, Tom Arnold, and Snoop Dogg in the hip-hop comedy Soul Plane. She also mentioned that it was one of the most remarkable career moments in her life. 

Arielle Kebbel Films & Series

Date Movies Roles
2004Soul PlaneHeather Hunkee
2005The Kid & IArielle
2005American Pie Presents: Band CampElyse Houston
2006Outlaw Trail: The Treasure of Butch Cassidy Ellie
2006The Grudge 2Allison Fleming
2006John Tucker Must DieCarrie Schaeffer
2007DaydreamerCasey Green
2008Forever StrongEmily
2008FreakdogCatherine Thomas
2009The UninvitedAlex Ivers
2010Brooklyn to ManhattanChloe
2010Vampires SuckRachel
2010Answer This!Naomi
2010I Melt with YouRandi
2012Supporting CharactersJamie
2012Think Like a ManGina
2018Fifty Shades FreedGia
2018Another time Ally
2022After Ever HappyKimberly
2023After EverythingKimberly

Lexi Branson in “The Vampire Diaries”

Arielle Kebbel’s portrayal of Lexi Branson in the popular TV series “The Vampire Diaries” in 2009 was what really cemented her place in the entertainment industry. Fast becoming a favorite of the audience was Lexi, a 350-year-old vampire with a golden heart. It was clear that Kebbel had discovered her place in the supernatural genre from her portrayal of the character, which was the ideal balance of sass, knowledge, and vulnerability.

Lexi’s character had a significant impact on the plot of the show, and Kebbel’s portrayal earned her critical acclaim. She became a memorable and adored character in the “The Vampire Diaries” universe thanks to her chemistry with the show’s lead actors, Elena and Stefan, which deepened the plot.

Lexi was Stefan’s best friend when they were young and newbies vampires.

The Vampire Diaries is a must-watch TV Series if you are a fan of supernatural creatures or familiar with Vampires and wolves. 

Arielle Kebbel Diverse Roles and Versatility

Despite the fact that her breakthrough performance in “The Vampire Diaries” demonstrated her talent, Arielle Kebbel’s multifaceted career had only just begun. Since then, Kebbel has played a variety of roles that show she can adapt to various characters and genres.

She showed up in the 2004 romantic comedy “The Perfect Score” with Scarlett Johansson and Chris Evans, which was one of her notable film roles. Her work in this movie demonstrated her comedic timing and helped her establish a solid reputation in Hollywood.

Kebbel’s versatility is further demonstrated by her roles in horror films such as “The Grudge 2” (2006) and “The Uninvited” (2009). She demonstrated her ability to convey fear and tension convincingly in these films, demonstrating her acting range.

Arielle Kebbel Advocacy and Philanthropy

Arielle Kebbel is well-known for her advocacy and philanthropic work outside of her entertainment career. She has been an outspoken supporter of a variety of charitable organizations and causes.

Kebbel, in particular, has been a vocal supporter of Alzheimer’s disease awareness and research. Her personal connection to the cause stems from her mother’s battle with Alzheimer’s disease, which inspired her to raise awareness and funds for research to find a cure.

In addition to her work with Alzheimer’s advocacy groups, Kebbel has contributed to a number of charitable causes, including animal welfare and environmental conservation. Her desire to make a positive difference in the world extends beyond the confines of the entertainment industry.

Arielle Kebbel Relationships

Arielle Kebbel is a non-married woman currently focusing on her upcoming career. She’s dated a few good-looking men in the past. Apparently, Nic Roldan was the last man she dated. Before Nic, Kebbel had already dated Brahman Turner (2004 – 2006), and Aaron Bay Schuck. 

Arielle Kebbel Net worth

Arielle Kebbel’s net worth is estimated to be around $3 million. This sum reflects her earnings from a successful film and television career, endorsements, and her involvement in various philanthropic endeavors. Kebbel’s financial success reflects her diverse talents and commitment to her craft and causes.

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