BiBi or NakedBiBi’s real name Kim Hyungseo is a South Korean singer-songwriter and Rapper. She is doing good in her career performing and collaborating with different artists.


Her Music comprises a variety of genres such as ballads, hip-hop, soul, and R&B. She was fortunate to be discovered on a Music platform named” SoundCloud”.

BiBi’s Early Life and Family

BiBi was born on September 27, 1998, in Ulsan South Korea. Her Hangul name is written as 김형서”.She is 25 years old now. Despite her age, she looks sweet teen.

She spent her teenage years in Changwon. She completed her high school and graduated from “Changwon Sapa High School’.

Taking about BiBi family member she has a younger sister. Her sister’s name is ‘Kim Na-Kyoung’, and she is also an idol. Na-Kyoung debuted in the girl group TripleS through its sub-unit  Acid Angle from Asia on 2022 October 28.

Quick Info

REAL NAMEKim Hyungseo
BORNSeptember 27, 1988
AGE25 years old
BIRTHPLACEUlsan, South Korea
PROFESSIONSinger, Rapper, and Songwriter.
NET WORTH$5.94 Million

BiBi’s Appearance

BiBi is 5 feet 6 inches or 168 cm and weighs 43 kg or 94.8 lbs. She has a slim, curvy body with a fierce look which stands out in the group. Don’t judge by her fierce and intimidating she is sweet and goofy. 

She is also famous for her unique two makeup dots under her eye it has become her signature look. BiBi moles are a tribute to her grandmother who she considers as her role model.

BiBi’s Net Worth 2023

Her Net worth is $5.94 Million . Her major source of income from her singing includes acting, shows, and song composing and writing. She also earns from social media like YouTube and marketing partnerships.

BiBi’s Career

After her talent was discovered by Yoon Mij-Rae on SoundCloud.In 2017, Bibi signed a record deal with “Feel GHood Music”. As a result, on May 15, 2019, her first single, “Binu,” was released, making her official music industry debut. Her other singles that have been released in the past year include “Step? (2019),” “Restless (2020),” “Kazino (2020),” “Listen 035 (2020),” “I’m Good at Goodbyes (2020),” “Dingo X BIBI (2020),” and “Eat My Love (2021).”

In addition to it, she has two other mini albums out: “Life is a Bi.. (2021)” and “The Manual for People Who Want To Love (2019).” Among the albums she has released recently are “Fly with Me (2018),” “The Thief Who Stole Your Heart (2018),” and “Han River (2018).” BiBi, a contestant on SBS’s “The Fan,” placed second, securing her a place in the cast. In addition, she appeared in the 2021 NBC TVING series “Girls High Mystery Class” as a cast member.

Reason Behind her name BiBi/NakedBiBi

Her behind story for her nickname NakedBiBi her revealed on the talk show with Jessie in ‘Jessie ShowTV’.She said that NakedBiBi was inspired by the word baby sounds like a ‘bibi’ When they are pronounced fast.  Just like the newborns have an who has an entirely natural appearance and don’t wear any clothing no filter. In conclusion, she means to refer to or show others her desire to be herself.

BiBi’s Social media

She is very active on Instagram. You can find her under the name” @nakedbibi” where she has 570 posts with 2.6 Million Followers. She is only following 469 people which includes Somi, Lia, etc.


BiBi is also on YouTube under the name “@naked_BIBI”  with 10.05 Million subscribers and 69 videos.

BiBi In Controversy

She issued an apology in 2022 for making her fans fearful and uneasy during a tearful Instagram video. During an impromptu broadcast on her Instagram account, she broke down in tears, lamenting her hectic schedule and inability to eat or sleep.

When she attempted to flaunt her cleavage by bending down in front of the camera during a livestream broadcast in an attempt to draw in more viewers, she came under fire in November 2022.

Due to its graphic appearance and unrated blood depiction, BIBI’s music video for the song “Animal Farm” sparked controversy.

BiBi’s Awards

She is the winner of multiple honors, including the Korean Music Awards, Brand Customer Loyalty Awards, and Aurora Awards.

Facts about BiBi

  • She likes to listen to Lee Hi.
  • She doesn’t drink Coffee.
  • BiBi’s comfy clothes include hoodies and sneakers.
  • She is a fan of ITZY, Joy from Red Velvet, and Lisa from Black Pink.
  • She had been a participant in the reality TV show “The Fan”.

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