Brian Huskey was born in Charlotte, North Carolina, United States, on September 8, 1968. Brian is a comedian, writer, and American character actor. His roles in comedic programs including People of Earth, Children’s Hospital, Veep, and Another Period have made him his most recognizable. He additionally provides the voice of Rudy, the regular-sized dog, on the cartoon comedy show Bob’s Burgers.

Brian Family

Huskey was born in Charlotte, North Carolina. Brian didn’t meet his real father until he turned 15 years old. He graduated from Charlotte Country Day School in 1987 after completing all of his elementary and secondary education there.

Brian graduated from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro with a degree in English and a minor in photography. He started playing bass guitar in the band Bicycle Face around this time. Huskey later moved to New York City to go to photography school and work as an assistant for a photographer. He met Rob Corddry and later lived with him.

Brian Huskey Net Worth

Brian Huskey has an estimated worth of $5 Million. Throughout his work, he has shown how versatile and funny he is in a number of great projects, earning the respect of both audiences and critics. Thanks to his skills and hard work, Brian Huskey has become a well-known figure in American theater and culture.

Brian Huskey Net Worth

Brian Huskey Career

Huskey was in the sketch comedy group The Naked Babies at UCB, along with Rob Corddry, Seth Morris, and John Ross Bowie. Since then, he has played Chet, the scary EMT, on Corddry’s Adult Swim show Children’s Hospital, as well as his alter ego Mark Splorn.

Huskey also played the part of reporter Duncan Birch on the IFC cable news spoof show Onion News Network. Huskey has also been in other shows with other people, like Damage Control and Free Radio. Additional sitcom appearances by Huskey include The Real O’Neals and Selfie.

Huskey Career

Huskey Television Journey

He became known for his early TV roles in a campaign for Sonic Drive-In that included a number of ads with Molly Erdman. After writing and performing a parody of soldiers for the Onion News Network, both actors were fired from their roles. “The Swagger Wagon” advertising campaign for the Toyota Sienna and Wendy’s commercials both featured Huskey in 2011. He and Justin Timberlake both starred in a Bai Brands commercial.

Television Journey

Animal Practice, The Inbetweeners, Workaholics, Community, Parks and Recreation, Nick Swardson’s Pretend Time, Worst Week, and Happy Endings, among others, are among the comedic programs on which Huskey has appeared on numerous occasions as a guest. Some of the movies he’s been in are Superbad, Step Brothers, Semi-Pro, and Meet Dave. As an animated version of the search engine Google, he played the lead role in the CollegeHumor YouTube episode If Google Was A Guy.

Brian Huskey Career As A Writer

Huskey and UCB co-founder Matt Walsh wrote the movie A Better You together in 2014. Huskey played the lead role in the movie, which Walsh directed. He helped make, write, and act in his own Adult Swim episodes, Mr. Neighbor’s House (2016) and Mr. Neighbor’s House 2 (2018). Initially, The darkly comic series is called a kid’s show in the style of David Lynch that plays with the main character’s broken mind.

Huskey  Career As A Writer

Huskey Hosting A Show

In 2020, he started co-hosting the podcast Bald Talk with Charlie Sanders. On the show, they talk to other balding comedy artists. Huskey has also been a regular on a lot of other funny shows, such as Comedy Bang! Bang!, Improv4Humans, and Womp It Up!, where he plays Seth Wompler.

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