Brian d’Arcy James was born in Saginaw, Michigan, U.S. on June 29, 1968. Brian James, an American actor and musician, is known for his talent and versatility. He gained recognition for his notable performances on Broadway, such as portraying Shrek in Shrek The Musical, Nick Bottom in Something Rotten!, King George III in Hamilton, and the Baker in Into the Woods. His talent earned him four Tony Award nominations. He gained notoriety for his recurring role on-screen.

Brian Family

James grew up in Saginaw, Michigan with his wealthy family. His mother, Mary, sold children’s books, while his father, Thomas F. James (deceased), worked as a lawyer. Harry Kelly, a former Governor of Michigan, was his maternal grandfather. Brian Kelly, his uncle, acted in the series Flipper and produced the movie Blade Runner. He possesses three siblings.


Andrew, who works as a portfolio manager; Kate, who pursues a career in acting and writing; and Anne (Noonan), who is both an actress and a teacher. James possesses a heritage that is predominantly Irish, with a small fraction of Welsh ancestry. James completed his studies at Northwestern University’s School of Communication.

Brian James Net Worth

Brian d’Arcy James, a highly skilled stage actor from Michigan, certainly left a lasting impression on the entertainment industry. James has an estimated net worth of $4 million, which is quite impressive.

James impressed the theater world with his versatile performances, showcasing his talent in both dramatic and comedic roles, and captivating audiences with his wide range of abilities. d’Arcy James enjoyed a long and successful career in the theater, which greatly contributed to his impressive wealth.

Brian James Career

Brian d’Arcy James is an actor who showed his talent in various theater productions and movies. His performances on Broadway earned him acclaim, including a Tony Award nomination for Best Featured Actor in a Musical in 2002 for his role in “Sweet Smell of Success.”


He possesses an impressive list of Broadway credits, including “Titanic,” “Carousel,” and “Blood Brothers,” where he showcased his talent in a range of productions. James additionally established a name for himself on television, with a role in the NBC musical series “Smash.”

He additionally showcased his acting prowess in films such as “Spotlight” (2015), where he played the role of Matt Carroll. James endured a diverse career, excelling in various genres and receiving high praise and award nominations for his work in Broadway, television, and film.

James Relationship

Brian d’Arcy James and actress Jennifer Prescott are happily married. They first crossed paths while both showcasing their talents at Lincoln Center. Grace, their daughter, is 13 years old. James looks back on his life after almost three decades, thinking about the path that he chose in following his artistic passions while also taking care of his family. He recognizes the importance of finding a balance between his artistic endeavors and his family responsibilities.

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