Cillian Murphy, the man behind the success of one of the popular series “Peaky Blinders”. He is an Irish actor who has contributed his hard work, effort, and determination to the success of different movies and series, which are known all over the world. Cillian is a generous and versatile actor who has acquired the hearts of audiences from every corner of the world.

Early Life and Career

Cillian was born on the 25th of May, 1976 in Cork, Douglas. His father worked for the Department of Education and his Mother was a teacher who used to teach French. His father’s name is Brendan Murphy while his mother’s identity remains confidential. Surprisingly, his whole family was from the same field of teaching, including his grandfather, aunts, and uncles. He has total of three siblings. One brother named Paldi and two younger sisters named Sile and Orla. They were raised in Ballintemple, Cork.

He was very fond of writing and performing songs from the very young age of 10. He attended his academics at Presentation Brothers College. During his childhood, he had a very chaotic personality and often gets suspended from school. Cillian was not very interested in sports during his school times but he was more into artistic pursuits which the school didn’t really proritized it. His English teacher encouraged Cillian to become an actor as he knew he had that talent but, Cillian wanted to become a rockstar during that time. During his late teens, he played in various bands alongside his brother.

Cillian joined University College Cork (UCC) to complete his academics in Law studies. But, shortly he realized that doing academics was not his cup of tea. One day, he went to witness Corcadorca’s stage production of a clockwork orange, and from that day he gradually started to show interest in acting. After showing a keen interest in acting, he went on to many auditions, and at one point he gained momentum for his career through his participation in the UCC Drama Society. His breakthrough came from Danny Boyle’s film, 28 days later in 2002. From that film, the name ‘Cillian Murphy’ became known to the people worldwide. After that, ‘The Rest Is History’.

Personal Life

Cillian met Love of His Life during his own rock band’s show in 1996. After being in a very long-term relationship with his girlfriend ‘Yvonne McGuiness’, they decided to take their love for each other to the next level. In mid-2004, they got happily married. They gave birth to two sons, Malachy Murphy in December 2005 and Aran Murphy in July 2007.

Cillian stated that his closest friends were made before he claimed fame in the film industry. He was vegetarian for 15 years and now he again started to consume meat to gain weight. He also really loves physical activity now just like others. Cillian claims to be a introvert as he loves to enjoy his private life and doesn’t likes to be a public appearance much.

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Interesting Facts About Cillian Murphy

  • He currently lives in Dublin, Ireland.
  • He was a guitarist in a band named Mr Greengenes.
  • He was keen to become a lawyer, but failed his final exams.
  • He can speak 3 languages fluently.
  • He likes to keep his life very private.
  • He was not very proud of his haircut in ‘Peaky Blinders’.
  • He went against Jason Statham for the role in peaky blinders.
  • He tried to claim role of Batman in the movie ‘Batman Begins’.

What is the net-worth of Cillian Murphy?

The main source of income for Cillian is acting. He has accumulated a lot of income through acting. So, through different reports, he is worth approximately USD 20 million.

Net-Worth$20 million USD
Date of BirthMay 25, 1976
Age47 years old
Height5 feet 8 inch
Wife Yvonne McGuiness
Zodiac signGemini
ProfessionMusician, actor