Colin O’Brien was born on January 18, 2014, in Houston, Texas. Collin is the second boy of the two. He fell in love with acting when he just turned 4 years old and told his preschool class that he possessed a baby sister and told stories about the funny things they did together. 

People told Colin that he just naturally acts. He likes drama and comedy both, and he “likes being with other people for a bit.”The man his grandma named him after is Colin Firth. Interstellar represents his favorite movie, and David Attenborough’s nature films are his favorite thing to watch.

Colin O’Brien Net Worth

Colin O’Brien makes about USD 50,000 a year. He makes most of his money from ad shoots, and advertising brands on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. Colin O’Brien’s net worth is approximately $4 million USD.

Colin O'Brien

Because of his TV contracts, blogging fame,  and endorsements, O’Brien possesses a lot of money. He serves as an exciting young star who is making waves in the entertainment business. Colin, who is only 13, currently receives a lot of attention for the outstanding student he is along with how hard he works at whatever he does.

Colin O’Brien Career

After 17 theater shows, Colin moved on to feature films. His first movie role consisted of Halle Berry’s “The Mothership” on Netflix. He became an actor when he turned four years old. He first worked in theater before being in movies.

Colin O'Brien

Then, in Netflix’s “Mr. Harrigan’s Phone” (2022), he played the young Jaeden Martell opposite Donald Sutherland. Fans will love Colin as the young Timothée Chalamet in Warner Bros.’ “Wonka” (2023), which will be released around Christmas.

The movie appears to directed by Paul King. He also plays his first major part as Edward in “Dear Edward” (2023), a movie directed by Jason Katims and starring Connie Britton and Taylor Schilling. You can stream it on AppleTV Plus.

Colin O’Brien Physical Appearance

Colin O’Brien seems 5 feet 0 inches tall and weighs 88 pounds (40 kg). He possesses a slim body type.  He wears size 4 US shoes. Colin’s striking traits include black hair and blue eyes, which make him look very different from other people. His general presence is improved by these physical traits, which help his playing job. His instagram is @colindelaineobrien.

Colin O'Brien

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