Daniel Howell, also popularly known as Dan. Dan is an English video blogger. He is a YouTube content creator by profession and runs his own YouTube channel named Daniel Howell.

Dan has gained enormous popularity over the years for his entertaining humor, funny personality, and engaging videos for the younger population.

Daniel Howell Early Life and Career

Daniel Howell was born on 11th June 1991, in Berkshire, England. During his early days, he was a member of Wokingham Youth Theatre growing up. He completed his high school from The Forest School in 2009.

He then went to the University of Manchester in 2010 after completion of his high school. He started to study law but got dropped out in 2011. He has no passion for pursuing a law degree.

Dan later changed his field of interests and begins to pursue radio presenting and video making as a full-time profession. He freaking loved making videos. He moved to London and commenced to work as a radio producer for stations like BBC Radio1 and 1Xtra.

Quick Facts:

Full NameDaniel James Howell
Birth DateJune 11, 1991
Net worth$3.5 million
Height 6’4 ft
Profession YouTuber, Business
SchoolThe Forest School
UniversityUniversity of Manchester

Daniel Howell’s Family

Howell has not talked openly about his Mom and Dad yet. What is known is he lives with his friend Phil in a huge house in London.

Daniel had a younger brother named Adrian. Adrian is a short video creator and an athlete too. He enjoys nature.

Dan loves his brother Adrian more than anything. He does everything to protect him. This is also one of the reasons why he does not want his brother to be a public figure. If so, he may have to face numerous negative comments and several critics.

Daniel Howell’s Relationships

Dan is single for now. He currently focuses more on the career of a social media personality. He is building his brand, which comprises many YouTube channels as well as extremely successful Instagram and Twitter profiles.
Dan is a bisexual figure but he doesn’t want anyone to know about it. He already had a relationship affair with both male and female. Actress Lucy Hale is the most famous Ex he had.

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How did Daniel Howell Rise to Fame?

Since 2009, he initiated to make videos just for fun, as his hobby. However, his videos are quite catchy and funny to watch. Thus it caught every viewer’s attention.

He began to upload videos on his YouTube channel danisnotfire. Dan has a unique personality that was rarely seen on YouTube previously. His content varies from documenting his life experiences, pop culture trends, and meme reviewing which made viewers feel like they were talking to a friend.

His honesty and reliability made him one of the most successful YouTubers of all time, with millions of subscribers and viewers throughout many social platforms. He also used to write a blog for The Huffington Post on the creative process behind making his videos.

Daniel Howell YouTube

Daniel Howell made his first-ever YouTube account named danisnotfire in 2009. Howell’s first uploaded YouTube video was titled as “HELLO INTERNET”. Dan was encouraged by his best friend Phil Lester to upload videos regularly.

Dan also opened his second channel named danisnotinteresting, which has over 1.66 million subscribers and 72 million views as of July 2023.

Two best friends Howell and Lester collaborated on a YouTube channel named My Damn Channel entitled The Super Amazing Project, where they study supernatural or unexplained happenings.

However, in late 2014, the duo announced that they stopped working together on the project, so that they may give their 100% on their Radio1 broadcast.

Howell and Lester planned once more and they have opened a gaming channel name DanAndPhilGames. In September 2014, they uploaded their first video to a gaming channel. In March 2015, the channel reached 1 million subscribers. It was officially one of the fastest-growing gaming channels.

Despite their overwhelming success in gaming channels, they took no time to open another channel named DanAndPhilCrafts where they crack a joke as an April fool’s joke. As of 2023, the channel had around 700k subscribers and 8.3 million views. The channel had only three videos.

How many channels does Dan have altogether?

Daniel Howell has more than five YouTube channels.

Daniel Howell’s Net Worth:

Daniel Howell’s net worth is estimated to be $3.5 million. Howell’s major earning sources are YouTube, Brand promotion, Affiliate marketing, and so on.  Daniel Howell is a widely known influencer who has more than 3.3 million Instagram followers. Having massive followers help him to involve in brand promotions and other affiliate stuff.

Daniel Howell’s Impact on Online Community

Daniel’s influence is indescribable. It is not just about entertaining his viewers. He had been speaking about mental health issues, sharing his own struggles with depression and anxiety. He encourages his viewers to look for help if they counter in the same situation.

Dan has been a regular speaker for LGBTQ+ rights, using his platform to raise awareness and promote acceptance culture besides their gender. Dan’s openness and honesty have inspired a generation of young people to speak up for their rights.