He is behind most of the character’s voices in cartoons, Meet him, his name is Matthew Christian Heywood, also popularly known as Deven Mack is a voice artist who has given voices to many fictional characters in cartoons. Deven has played his voice role in many famous shows like Sonic The Hedgehog, Wynton Styles, and Chef Hatchet.

Early Life and Career

Deven Mack was born in Canada, Ontario, Scarborough in 1988, on the 24th of April. He is known for giving voices to different characters in shows, movies, cartoons, and games as well. He had a very great voice since he was a kid and he knew how to mimic the voices of different people. By profession, he is not only a voice actor but he is also a voice and casting director.

Deven grew a keen interest in voice acting when he knew he had that talent. He started his voice acting career in 2004 working on online content and flash animation. He was very special and many people appreciated him. Many shows approached him to take his part as a voice actor, and he did. He got his first television role in fictional series named Grossology. After his first television show, he got well-appreciated and got fame and a reputation under his name. Now, he is one of the most successful voice actors in the world.

Personal Life

According to different sources, he is currently single and has no children. Talking about his hobbies, he loves playing video games, knitting, and writing in his spare time. He has been in the industry for a very long period, giving his effort and passion to play different characters which keep people entertained.

His zodiac sign is Taurus. There is not much personal information about Deven on the internet as he likes to keep his information to himself and doesn’t want to show it in public appearance.

What are the upcoming TV series in which Deven Mack will play his role?

Deven has accumulated very huge fame and reputation in the voice industry. He has given his voice to a total of 59 series, cartoons, and movies over decades. According to the different sources, he will be playing his role in 2 of the upcoming series. One is Ninjago: Dragons Rising, which has already released one episode in 2023. Whereas talking about another series, he will be voice acting in Game 6 which is set to be released in 2024.

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How much is Deven Mack Worth?

Deven Mack has accumulated his wealth by pursuing his career as a voice artist. According to the different sources, Deven Mack is worth around $1-5 million.

NameMatthew Christian Heywood
Age 35 years old
Date of Birth1988, April 22
Place of BirthCanada, Ontario, Scarborough
Professionvoice actor, voice director, casting director
Zodiac SignTaurus
HobbiesKnitting, writing, playing video games
Marital statusNot married