Halle Berry (Halle Maria Berry) was born in Cleveland, Ohio, USA, on August 14, 1966. Halle Berry represents an actress from the US. She started out as a model and competed in a number of beauty pageants. In 1986, she came in sixth place at the Miss World pageant and first runner-up at the Miss USA pageant.

Around the year 2000, Berry ended up being one of the highest-paid actors in Hollywood. Berry turned out the first woman of color and the only African American woman to win the Academy Award for Best Actress for her role as a widow who experienced a hard time in the 2001 love film Monster’s Ball.

Halle Family

Berry was born to an English woman named Judith Ann who came from Liverpool and an African-American man named Jerome Jesse Berry. She received her name changed to Halle Maria Berry when she turned five years old.

Halle Maria Berry
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The middle name she received came from Halle’s Department Store, which happened to be a famous place in Cleveland at the time. Berry’s mother was a psychiatric nurse, and her father was an assistant in the mental ward of the same hospital. He later became a bus driver.When Berry turned four years old, her parents split up. She and her older sister Heidi Berry-Henderson grew up with their mother alone.

Halle Maria Berry Net Worth

Halle Berry, an American actress, former fashion model, and beauty queen, possesses a $90 million net worth. In 2004, the same year she received $14 million for her role in “Catwoman,” Halle Berry purchased a 5,000-square-foot Malibu home on the beach for $8.5 million. Halle purchased a house in Los Angeles for $5.995 million in 2006. The property was close to West Hollywood.

Halle Maria Berry Net Worth
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Halle Maria Berry Career

Halle Berry went to New York City in 1989 to become an actress. She experienced trouble with money at first but eventually got a part in the short-lived TV show Living Dolls. While shooting, she passed out and later turned out to have type 1 diabetes. When the show ended, she relocated to Los Angeles and started working in a lot of different movies.

Berry ended up being well-known for her parts in Jungle Fever (1991), Boomerang (1992), and Queen: The Story of an American Family (1993). She won awards for her role as Dorothy Dandridge in a 1999 drama. Berry ended up being famous all over the world for her part as Storm in X-Men (2000). The first African-American woman to win the Academy Award for Best Actress awarded to her for her groundbreaking role in Monster’s Ball (2001).

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Even though Berry enjoyed wins, she additionally experienced problems, like the poorly received Catwoman (2004). In 2014, she played the lead role in the TV show Extant. In 2020, she directed her first movie, Bruised. Berry continues to be a well-known figure in Hollywood, and she just signed a deal to work as a producer and director for Range Media Partners in 2023.

Halle Berry Relationship

Halle Berry appears in several situations in her personal life. In 1989, she dated John Ronan, a dentist from Chicago. He later sued her for loans she didn’t pay back. Berry claimed it was a gift, thus the lawsuit appeared dropped. She suffered an injury from an unknown abusive boyfriend while shooting “The Last Boy Scout” in 1991. The blow to the eardrum caused her to lose a lot of hearing.

Berry tied the knot to baseball player David Justice in 1993, but they split up in 1997. After her first marriage, she married singer-songwriter Eric Benét in 2001. They split up in 2005 because Benét experienced problems with sex addiction. Berry then went on to date Gabriel Aubry, a French-Canadian model, and had a daughter with him in 2008.

Halle Maria Berry
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After they broke up in 2010, there took place a custody battle that included a fight between Aubry and Berry’s new partner, Olivier Martinez. Furthermore, They tied the knot in 2013 and had a son that same year. In 2016, they filed for a divorce. Berry solved the issues of child support and custody in August 2023. Nevertheless, In 2020, she started going out with artist Van Hunt. Her instagram is @halleberry.

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