American rapper Ice Spice, real name Isis Naija Gaston. She was born in the Bronx, New York, on January 1, 2000.

Quick Info 

REAL NAMEIsis Naija Gatson
DATE OF BIRTHJanuary 1, 2000 
NET WORTH$8 Million
HEIGHT5 Feet 6 Inches

Early Life

As the oldest of six siblings, Ice Spice was born Isis Naija Gaston on January 1, 2000, in the Bronx, New York. Her upbringing was rather modest. Despite her parents’ early divorce, she remembers hanging out in the studio with her underground rapper father. Also, she attributes her decision to pursue her own artistic career in part to those memories. Her ancestry is mixed African American and Dominican.

Gaston first became interested in hip-hop at the age of seven. All thanks to her exposure to artists like Sheff G, Pop Smoke, and Lil’ Kim. She received her education in the Bronx before being transferred to a Yonkers Catholic high school. Gaston started her college career at SUNY Purchase but ultimately left.

Net Worth

Ice Spice is worth $8 million. She acquired it via her tours and record deals. She gained her fortune and notoriety undoubtedly through her music career.


The history of “Ice Spice’s” stage name is among the most often asked questions. The rapper told Elle that she required a moniker for a “fiesta” account. At the age of 14, so that’s when she came up with her stage name.

“I chose Ice Spice because it literally rhymes. I was 14 coming up with like a first name and I was like ‘What rhymes with ice? Spice,”  the rapper clarified in an Elle Magazine video interview.

Gaston started rapping in 2021 while still a college student. Following an encounter with fellow student and music producer RiotUSA.

Their 2021 single “Bully Freestyle” was the first to become popular online. In addition to the August 2021 release of the tune, “No Clarity” was released in November of the same year. She tells The Guardian that she was anxious to release her first song because of the backlash she faced online following “Bully Freestyle,”. But that feeling soon passed and she understood that “once other people start to love you, people have to hate to balance it out.”

The Viral Hit “Munch” 

Following a period of time in which Ice Spice committed herself to honing her skills. In August 2022 she released the song ”Munch” that would make her a household name. The song’s accompanying music video and infectious lyrics went viral on TikTok. The song was unquestionably viral, despite the claims of many critics that its quick popularity was due to Ice Spice’s sultry music video. The song was so well-liked that even very harsh music critics. Like “Joe Budden” rapped along to the lyrics on his podcast as a sign of gratitude.

When Ice Spice was writing the song, she told Rolling Stone. She said  “I was recording in my room and I was like, ‘Let me make a song fast. As fast as possible.'”


Not only could the biggest music critics not stop talking about Ice Spice or get the earworm out of their brains. Additionally, prominent newspapers like ‘Pitchfork’ and ‘The Washington Post’ that were covering the up-and-coming rapper also couldn’t stop talking about him.

The People’s Princess

Ice Spice’s fan base skyrocketed after the song “Munch” became viral in the summer of 2022. Bringing her recognition outside the Bronx rap scene. She seemed surprised when her fan following started calling her “The People’s Princess,” a clear allusion to another well-known royal, Princess Diana.

This reference to having been dubbed the People’s Princess prompted Ice Spice to work with Nicki Minaj, another well-known rapper, on a song. “Princess Diana” is a fitting title for the song, referring directly to the late Princess of Wales.

April 2023 saw the release of “Princess Diana” on Ice Spice’s self-titled debut EP “Like..?” The lyrics of the song revolve around a female protagonist who maintains her composure in the face of circulating rumors, alluding to the royal family: “Live from London, straight from the palace.”

In an interview with Apple Music, Ice Spice disclosed that her fruitful partnership with Nicki Minaj encouraged her to take note of the fellow New Yorker’s guidance and pay attention to her as she makes her way in the business.

Collaboration with Taylor Swift


The People’s Princess remembers sobbing when her manager informed her that Taylor Swift, one of the biggest performers in the world, wanted to talk with her about collaborating. Ice Spice and Taylor Swift have worked together on a song, a remix of Swift’s “Karma,” after the phone chat. They have also shared the stage. Ice Spice stated to Apple Music that Swift is a very kind and modest person and that the two of them also communicate frequently via text.

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