Ji Chang-wook was born in Anyang, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea, on July 5, 1987. Ji Chang-wook is a musician and actor from South Korea. He became well-known for his part as Dong-hae in the daily drama series Smile Again (2010–2011). Other important lead roles he played on TV include Warrior Baek Dong-soo (2011), Empress Ki (2013–2014), Healer (2014–2015), and The K2 (2016). He additionally appeared in movies like Hard Hit (2021) and Fabricated City (2017).

Ji Chang-wook Net Worth

Ji Chang Wook’s net worth is believed to be approximately $12.5 million USD. His profits for each scene feature to be over $42,000. Ji Chang-Wook seems famous for his ability and charm, and his impressive acting skills and wide range of roles attract viewers all over the world. Nevertheless, Being the subject of a multitude of triumphant dramas and films, he gained an enormous fan base and achieved widespread recognition.

Ji Chang-wook Net Worth
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Chang-wook Early Career

Ji’s first job consisted of musical theater. In 2006, he obtained his movie start in Days…, and in 2008, he possessed a small part in the TV show You Stole My Heart. Initially, His big-screen start came in 2008 with the movie Sleeping Beauty. Nevertheless, He played the shy youngest brother in the 2009 movie My Too Perfect Sons. Over 40% of people watched the weekend family thriller. After that, he played a small part in the action-comedy Hero.

Ji Chang-wook Breakthrough and Success

Ji Chang-Wook is a famous South Korean actor who first became known for playing the lead in the South Korean drama series “Smile Again.” He additionally became famous for his part in the hugely popular South Korean horror movie “Fabricated City.” The series, which Kim Myung-Wook and Mo Wan-Il directed, turned out a tremendous success and won numerous accolades.

 In 2016, Ji played the main character in TVN’s action-thriller The K2. However, The character serves as a protector who is betrayed by his peers and falls in love with a girl who has PTSD. Moreover, Ji played a young man without a job in the 2017 action movie Fabricated City. In the same year, he received a role as a lawyer in Suspicious Partner, an SBS romance comedy thriller that started in May. 

The romance comedy show Backstreet Rookie, which centered on a webtoon with the same name, cast Ji in 2020. The romance comedy show Backstreet Rookie, which centered on a webtoon with the same name, cast Ji in 2020. Ji played the mystery wizard Lee Eul in the 2022 Netflix show The Sound of Magic, which took place on a webtoon with the same name.

In the same year, he played an ex-convict who helps at a hospice in the KBS2 drama If You Wish Upon Me. Ji’s deal with Glorious Entertainment finished in March 2023. Ji is getting ready to start his own business with his boss, who worked with him for more than ten years. He joined Spring Company in April 2023.

Ji Military Service

Chang-Wook started the military service he had to do on August 14, 2017. He learned the basics of being a soldier at Cheorwon, Gangwon Province, with the Army’s 3rd Infantry Division. When it was over, he got a prize for doing a great job. Ji finished his military service by being sent to the Army’s 5th Artillery Brigade in Cheorwon, Gangwon Province.

Ji Military Service
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He received the job of Platoon Leader alongside given the rank of Corporal. He obtained the rank of Sergeant. Nevertheless, Ji received permission to depart on April 27, 2019. Initially, To help with the 2023 Turkey–Syria earthquake, Ji contributed 100 million won in February 2023.

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