German Alejandro Garmendia Aranis is a popular Chilean Youtuber, comedian, singer-songwriter, and writer. JuegaGerman rose to fame In 2011 after uploading videos on his youtube channel HolaSoyGerman, in which he posted humorous videos about everyday situations, later also to Juega German.

He was the first YouTuber to receive 2 diamond button. He is also Chilean with the most followers on Facebook, the 24th Youtuber with the most subscribers in the world, and second Spanish speaking.

In April 2016 he formed a musical band called Ancud together with his brother Diego. He launched his first book #Chupaelperro in different stores in Latin America and Spain in the same month.


Learn About Garmendia’s Early Life

German Alejandro Garmendia Aranis was born on April 25, 1990 in Copiapo, Chile. He lived there until he was 12 years old. JuegaGerman father, German Luis Garmendia, died in a car accident on Christmas Eve, when he was three years old. After the death of his father, Cecilia del Carmen Aranis, and his brother Diego, Traveled throughout the country You settled in Los Vilos. It is a coastal city located north of Santiago where he lived much of his teenage life.

In that town, JuegaGerman met his first love, to whom he dedicated a song called “Para Ti”. He planned to study civil engineering but never carried out. At the age of 13, arrived Alejandro and his brother Formed a Pop/Rock Brand called Zudes with some of his friends. In addition, he began uploading videos of his band to youtube in 2006. German, Who was the lead singer of the group, Perform several times at Youth Festivals and schools together with Diego, and in the early 2010s, y he performed as a vocalist for his group Feeling Every Sunset.

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How was JuegaGerman’s Career?

His first video, titled “Las Cosas Obvias De La Vida” was posted on the HolaSoyGerman channel on September 9, 2011. When his friends encouraged him to make a youtube channel. Soon after the next year he earned one million subscribers and became one of the most subscribed Spanish-speaking channels. As he grew his fanbase German expanded more channels based on Niche. In 2016 he released a song with his brother, Diego, titled Senales. He also dubbed Julian, a character in Latin from the movie Ice Age: Collision Course.

Germendia Won the “Master Gamer” category of the 2016 MTV Millennial Awards in June. The event took place at the Pepsi Center WTC in Mexico City. He was the first Youtuber to receive two diamond plates for reaching 10 million subscribers on both of his channels.

He was nominated for the Kids Choice Awards in Mexico in the Favorite Game category in August 2020, and in November, he took home The Donato. Due to his lengthy youtube career, he received the “Legend Award” from the Eliot Awards in October 2021.


From 2015 to 2016 he was the second most subscribed YouTube channel behind Pewdiepie According to Social Blade, his gaming channel earns him$32.9 thousand to $526.9 thousand monthly or $395.1 thousand to $6.3 million annually.

In his other channel, HolaSoyGerman makes around $3.7 thousand to $59 .4 thousand in revenue per month, Which is equivalent to $44.6 thousand to $713.3 thousand in revenue per year.

JuegaGerman Net Worth

According to Celebrity’s net worth, Germendia’s Net Worth is estimated to be around $10 million. He builds the number mainly from his profession as an internet celebrity. German Germendia Makes between $5 and $6 million from his various entertainment projects annually.


  • 2021 Eliot Awards- Legend Award
  • 2021 Esland Awards- Best Career
  • 2018 Kids’ Choice Awards Mexico- Favorite Gamer
  • 2016 MTV Millennial Awards- Master Gamer
  • 2014 MTV Millennial Awards- Digital Icon
NameGerman Alejandro Garmendia Aranis
Date of BirthApril 25, 1990
Birth PlaceCopiapo, Chile
Age34 years old
OccupationYouTuber, Singer, Song Writer, and Comedian
Height6ft, 183cm
Weight75 kg, 165 lbs