Keshi’s full name is ‘Casey Thai Luong’  is a Vitenames-America Singer, Songwriter, record maker, and multi-instrumentalist.

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Keshi is a gifted musician who has gained recognition in the music business for his ability to beautifully express the essence of human passion and vulnerability. He gained popularity for his songs  “Limbo”, “Like I need you” and “Drunk”.His sincere and meaningful music has impacted audiences deeply, establishing him as a prominent player in the indie music landscape.

Quick Info

REAL NAMECasey Thai Luong
BORNNovember 4th, 1994
AGE29 years old
BIRTHPLACEHouston, Texas
PROFESSIONSinger, Songwriter and record producer
NET WORTH$100k to $1 Million
HEIGHT5 feet 8 inches

Keshi’s Early Life

Keshi was raised in Houston, Texas, after being born on November 4th, 1994. He was raised in Sugar Land and is of Vietnamese descent. Even though he grew up in an ethnically varied city with a sizable Asian American population, he felt alone and cut off from his roots because most of the people in his neighborhood were from other ethnic backgrounds.

He continued that he was not like his American pals, who would all celebrate holidays, attend barbecues, and generally have standard American experiences.

At the start of his Music

He learned to play the guitar from his grandfather when he was thirteen years old. With the help of his grandfather’s Vietnamese music book, he began teaching himself how to play the instrument.

One more thing that inspired him to pick up the guitar was seeing Drake Bell on the hit Nickelodeon show Drake & Josh. He lists John Mayer and Ed Sheeran as his two main childhood influences.

Keshi’s Education

Keshi went to Stephen F. Austin High School in Sugar Land. He completed further study at ‘the University of Texas’ at Austin with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. After, he spent two years working at the University of Texas Medical Center as an oncology nurse.

Net Worth 2023

Keshi’s net worth is between $100k to $1 Million. His primary source of income comes from his music. Other sources include YouTube, Spotify, SoundCloud, etc.


Keshi left his job and officially started his music career in 2017. He started YouTube with the nickname Keshi.2018 saw Keshi’s EP “The Reaper” become his breakthrough release. He began recording songs in 2017. Itzy, BTS, NTC 127, and other K-pop stars started to love it in particular. He would then receive a huge boost from the K-pop fandom as a result.

                        Source: @Keshi

His sound has been referred to as indie-pop and Lo-Fi hip-hop, among other things. It is essentially a calming fusion of guitars, samples, and Keshi’s reassuring voice. He released his “Skeletons” EP in 2019 and his “Bandaids” and “Always” EPs in 2020 and 2021. The numbers 4, 5, and 6 song schemes were followed by the trilogy, along with artwork in the hues blue, purple, and yellow.

His success in 2021 and 2022 was further enhanced by ballads such as “Touch,” “Beside You,” and “Somebody.” “Somebody” and “Touch” were on his album “Gabriel,” which debuted at #16 in the Billboard 200 as soon as it was released in March 2022.

Keshi Relationship

You may be surprised to learn that Casey Luong’s stage moniker, “Keshi,” originated from a cherished childhood monicker bestowed upon him by the parents of his fiancée, with whom he has shared close friendship since the fifth grade.

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He had known his current financial name, Mai, for a very long time. They announced their engagement on Instagram Live in November 2020, and they intend to tie the knot shortly. Keshi was observed getting help from Mai as she answered and read the questions that his Twitter fans posed to him. While they are spotted together, Keshi and Mia don’t disclose anything more in order to protect their fiancée’s privacy.


Social Media and Music Platforms

Keshi is very active on Social Media and Music Platforms like Instagram, Spotify, SoundCloud, and iTunes.

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