Michelle Jenner Husson was born in Barcelona, Spain, on September 14, 1986. Michelle is an actress from Spain. In Spain, she became well-known for her part as Sara in the TV show Los Hombres de Paco. Nevertheless, She has also made a living as a speech actor in addition to doing live-action roles.

Michelle Family

Michelle Jenner is the daughter of Martine Husson, a French actress and music-hall performer, and Miguel Ángel Jenner, a Spanish actor of English heritage. She has a brother named David Jenner Husson. However, The Company & Company School taught her theater, singing, and dance. Moreover, The Nancy Tuñon acting school taught her acting.

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Michelle Jenner Net Worth

Michelle is worth $5 Million. She earned her net worth by professionally playing in movies and TV shows. Nevertheless, she also made a good amount of money by modeling for well-known brands and magazines.

Michelle Jenner Net Worth
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Jenner Career

Jenner started working in TV ads when she had just turned two years old. Initially, In 2000, she played Alícia in the TV show El cor de la ciutat, which was her first screen role. In the 2004 film Nubes de Verano, directed by Felipe Vega, she portrayed Natalia. From 2005 to 2010, she played Sara Miranda on the comedy TV show Los Hombres de Paco.

Additionally, the actress was cast in the 2009 films Íntimos y extraños and Spanish Movie, both of which were directed by Rubén Alonso. Spanish Movie was a comedy film, and it was shot by Javier Ruiz Caldeira. In 2011, she appeared in two films, the first known as Don’t Be Afraid, directed by Montxo Armendariz, in which she portrayed Silvia, a child whose father had harmed her. Moreover, The actress talked to kids who had been abused to prepare for her role in the movie.

Jenner Career
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In the same year, Jenner also appeared in the Nacho Vigalondo-directed science fiction comedy Extraterrestrial, in which she portrayed Julia, a young lady who becomes entangled in a romantic entanglement amidst an extraterrestrial incursion in Madrid. In the 2012 Televisión Española historical drama TV show Isabel, she played the lead part of Queen Isabella I of Castile.

Michelle Jenner Voice Career

Jenner began doing voice work when she was six years old. In the first four Harry Potter movies in Catalan and Spanish, she played Hermione Granger. In the Italian movie Life is Beautiful, she played Giosué. She also gave the star of the PlayStation 3 game Heavy Rain a name.

She played the role of Beatrice in the Spanish dub of the Over the Garden Wall show on Cartoon Network. In the PS4 DLC Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds, she reprises her role as Aloy, whom she portrayed in Horizon: Zero Dawn (2017).

Michelle Jenner Voice Career
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Michelle Relationship

Michelle Jenner has been romantically involved with dog trainer Javier García González since 2013. She gave birth to their first kid, a boy named Hugo, in July 2019.

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