Piero Ferrari was born on May 22, 1945, in Castelvetro di Modena, Kingdom of Italy. Piero Ferrari, an Italian billionaire businessman and sports personality, stands out for his remarkable achievements. He holds the position of vice chairman in the Ferrari automotive company and is the second and sole surviving son of Enzo Ferrari. Additionally, he owns a 10.23% stake in the company. He holds a 13.2% stake in the Ferretti Group.

Ferrari Family

Piero Ferrari, the son of the iconic Enzo Ferrari and his mistress, Lina Lardi. Unfortunately, Piero’s older half-brother, Dino, died at the age of 24 from Duchenne muscular dystrophy. Piero, who turned out only 11 years old at the time, never got the opportunity to meet him.

Piero Ferrari
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After Dino passed away, Enzo recognized Piero as one of his main heirs and gave him a 10% share in the renowned Ferrari company. Piero joined the Ferrari family following the passing of Enzo’s estranged wife, Laura, in 1978, as a result of Enzo’s romantic relationship with Lina.

In 1990, Piero Ferrari decided to legally change his name from Piero Lardi Ferrari to Piero Ferrari. Piero’s love for mechanics blossomed during his upbringing in Modena. In 1964, he proudly obtained a high school diploma with a specialization in mechanics from the esteemed Fermo Corni Technical Institute in Modena.

Piero Ferrari Net Worth

Piero Ferrari, an Italian businessman, possesses a staggering net worth of $5.2 billion. In May 2019, Ferrari held the 838th spot on a global billionaires list, boasting a net worth of approximately $3 billion. In that year, he purchased the first mega yacht made by Riva, which then marked the beginning of Ferretti Group’s new super yacht division. Initially, in April 2020, Ferrari’s position on the billionaires list turned out 680, boasting a net worth of approximately $3.4 billion.

Piero Ferrari Net Worth
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Piero Ferrari Career

Piero Ferrari started working for the family company in 1969, helping his father, Enzo Ferrari, as an English translator. In the early 1970s, he accepted the official position of technical supervisor. His main responsibility turned out to organize and store defective car parts. He adopted additional responsibilities to connect road cars with the racing division, actively contributing to the operational dynamics of the factory.

Piero Ferrari Career
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In 1974, he announced the move to the Formula One team, where he worked alongside sporting directors Luca Cordero di Montezemolo and Daniele Audetto. In the mid-1980s, Piero played a vital role in overseeing the production of road cars. Initially, making significant contributions to the development of iconic models such as the Ferrari F40, Ferrari F50, and LaFerrari. After Enzo Ferrari died in 1988, Piero became the owner of the Fiorano Circuit and received the family’s 10% stake in the company.

Ferrari’s president, Vittorio Ghidella, appointed him as vice chairman in 1989. In 2013, Piero Ferrari achieved a significant milestone by becoming the first member of the Ferrari family to stand on the podium of a Formula One race. This memorable moment took place at the Chinese Grand Prix, where he proudly collected the trophy.

Piero Ferrari Business

In 1998, Piero Ferrari teamed up with José Di Mase to purchase Piaggio Aero Engineering, with the goal of revitalizing Piaggio’s dedication to creating and manufacturing business aircraft. Ferrari contributed to the company as president until he stepped down in 2015. At the same time as he sold his remaining 1.95% shares to Mubadala Development Company.

Piero Ferrari Business
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Mubadala and the Ferrari Formula One Team collaborated, resulting in Mubadala becoming the title sponsor. In addition, Ferrari chairs HPE COXA, a company he established in 1998, offering top-notch engineering services. HPE acquired COXA in 2009, a company known for its expertise in high-precision manufacturing.

After Ferrari’s stake received a value at $1.1 billion during the 2015 IPO. He decided to invest in the Ferretti Group in 2016. He expanded his holdings even more, buying the first mega yacht from Riva. Initially, increasing his stake in Ferrari to 10.23% by December 2020.

Ferrari Personal Life

Ferrari possessed a strong bond with his paternal grandmother, Adalgisa Bisbini (1872–1965). He is currently married to Romina Gingasu. Piero has a daughter named Antonella from his previous marriage to Floriana Nalin. He additionally includes two grandsons named Enzo and Piero. He resides in Modena in his father’s former home.

Piero Ferrari
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Ferrari remains a strong supporter of Centro Dino Ferrari, a research center dedicated to studying neurodegenerative and muscular diseases. It operates at the University of Milan, specifically in the Clinical Neurology Institute at the University Polyclinic of Milan.

The center pays tribute to Dino Ferrari, Enzo Ferrari’s half-brother, who tragically passed away at the young age of 24 due to Duchenne muscular dystrophy. Enzo Ferrari, along with Professor Guglielmo Scarlato (1931–2002), co-founded the center in 1978.

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