Song Hye-Kyo is a well-known South Korean actress and model. She was born in Daegu, South Korea, on November 22, 1981, but when she was a little child, her family moved to Seoul. Song regarded herself as quiet and reserved during her time at Ewha Girls’ High School. However, her high school tutor defined her as having “cheerful behavior, excellent at interacting with her peers, and constantly happy.” Film Arts was the major of Song Hye-kyo at Sejong University.

 SONG Hye-Kyo  Quick Info

  • Name: Song Hye-Kyo
  • Hangul: 송혜교
  • Born: November 22, 1981
  • Birthplace: South Korea
  • Profession: Actress, Model
  • Net Worth: $37 Million
  • Height: 161cm
  • Weight: 45 kg
  • Zodiac: Scorpio
  • Blood Type:

Song Hye-Kyo Networth 

Singer Song Hye-Kyo has a net worth of $37 million, making her one of the best-paid Korean actress. In 2023, she is predicted to earn nearly $3 million annually. Hye Kyo is the public face of several international brands, such as Laneige, Fendi, and Bottega Veneta. 

Per an episode of a Korean drama, Hye-kyo charges $160,000. For product endorsements and sponsored Instagram postings, Hye-kyo charges between $760,000 and $460,000.

Song Hye-kyo likes to put money into real estate, and in 2021, he bought a house in Seoul that was worth $17.5 million. Hye-Kyo also has a fancy New York apartment that is worth $1.8 million.

Song Hye-Kyo Networth 

Hye-Kyo LoveLife

Song Hye-Kyo married Song Joong-ki after meeting for a brief period. It was 2017 when Song Hye Kyo married Song Joong Ki. Sadly, they split up after only 20 months of marriage.

Hye Kyo went out with her most famous co-star, Hyun Bin. Both of them met while working on the 2008 movie “The World We Live In.” It was said that they were dating because they were lovers in the movie. Even though they denied the reports at first, they soon admitted to being together in public in 2009. When they broke up after two years of dating, they said it was because they were both too busy.

In 2003, Songhye Kyo went out with Lee Byung Hun. On the set of the SBS show “All In,” they met. Even though they were twelve years apart in age, they got along well for two years. But after two years, they broke up for no clear reason. 

Song Hye-Kyo Career Beginning 

Hye-Kyo won first place in the SunKyung Smart Model Contest when she was 14 years old and in her third year of junior high school. She got her start in the entertainment industry as a model for a company that made school uniforms. As an outcome, she was offered a supporting role in First Love, her debut television drama.

 In 2003, she played a lead part in the gambling drama “All In” with Lee Byung-hun, which made her even more popular. After studying English in San Francisco, Song traveled to Seattle. She took some time off following the success of the Asia drama Full House to recharge.

The 2016 mega-hit romantic comedy series Descendants of the Sun featured Hye-Kyo in the lead role. Encounter, a romantic melodrama, marked her return to the small screen following a two-year absence. In 2022, Song Hye-Kyo worked with Descendants of the Sun writer Kim Eun-sook again on the Netflix show The Glory2.

Hye-Kyo Family

Song Hye-Kyo was raised by her mother after the divorce of her parents when she was a small child. Hye-Kyo was critically ill at birth, and both her parents and physicians anticipated she would not make it. Following her recovery, Song’s parents formally documented her birth as having on February 26, 1982, instead of the actual birth date November 22, 1981. Her family migrated from her hometown of Daegu to Seoul’s Gangnam District, where she trained as a figure skater until quitting in the eighth grade.

Hye-Kyo Controversies

Song Hye-Kyo publicly apologized in August 2014 for tax evasion when she claimed costs that weren’t backed up by proof. This came after a politician in charge of the National Tax Service of South Korea accidentally made her public. While being accused of not paying enough income tax from 2009 to 2011, amounting to ₩2.56 billion, she said that her accountant had tampered with her papers without her knowledge. After getting a notice from the NTS in October 2012, Song paid the outstanding tax amount along with fines for not declaring enough income, which added up to ₩3.8 billion (US$3.7 million).

Many people hold Song Hye Kyo responsible for the way Song Joongki handled the divorce proceedings. Instead of putting out a joint statement saying they were splitting up, he filed for divorce. The law in Korea says that only the person who was harmed in the marriage can file for divorce. That’s why some people think Song Hye Kyo led them to split up. No one really knows the real reason why they got a divorce. 

Song Hye-Kyo Movie

  • My Brilliant Life(2014)
  • The Crossing (2014)
  • The Grandmasters (2012)
  • A Reason To Live  (2011) 
  • Camellia (2010)
  • Fetish (2008)
  • Hwang Jin-Yi (2007) 
  • My Girl and I (2005) 

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