Stan Wawrinka is a notable Swiss professional tennis player recognized for his distinctive playing style and competitive prowess on the court. Renowned for his powerful one-handed backhand, Wawrinka has achieved significant success in tennis.

Stan Wawrinka
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He has made a name for himself through his remarkable achievements and memorable performances. He is ranked 193rd by ATP. His victory in three Grand Slam tournaments places him among a select group of twenty-two players who have achieved this milestone in the Open Era of professional tennis.

Stan Wawrinka Net Worth

Stan Wawrinka has earned $35.12 million throughout his career. He’s the sixth top earner in ATP history, after players like Djokovic, Nadal, Federer, Murray, and Sampras. As of August 2023, his net worth is approximately $20 million, showcasing his achievements in the tennis world.

NameStanislas Wawrinka
Birth DateMarch 28, 1985,
Height6 ft.
Source of WealthProfessional Tennis Player
Net Worth$20 million
Official website

Stan Wawrinka Early Life

Born on March 28, 1985, in Lausanne, Switzerland, Stanislas “Stan” Wawrinka’s early life was steeped in a sports-centric environment, kindling his passion for tennis from an early age. With his father’s German-Swiss heritage and his mother’s Swiss roots, Wawrinka’s diverse cultural background likely contributed to his dynamic playing style.

His strong connection with his brother Jonathan, a tennis coach, fostered a close familial bond. Jonathan provided valuable guidance to become a renowned Swiss professional tennis player.

Stan Career

In the mid-2000s, Stanislas Wawrinka gained attention with his fierce one-handed backhand and aggressive play style. His talent and determination were evident, which attracted fans and fellow players alike. While he initially competed in the shadows of tennis giants like Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, and Novak Djokovic, Wawrinka’s consistent performance on the tour started drawing notice.

The turning point in his career arrived in 2013 when he reached the semifinals of the US Open. This deep run showcased his ability to contend with the best players in the world, and his gripping matches against the tennis elite hinted at accomplishments on the horizon. It wasn’t long before Wawrinka capitalized on his potential and achieved his breakthrough victory.

Stan Wawrinka
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Similarly, 2014 marked his crowning achievement with a triumphant campaign at the Australian Open. This Grand Slam victory was a testament to his resilience and skill as he faced the formidable Novak Djokovic in the quarterfinals.

He ultimately secured his place in the final against Rafael Nadal, showcasing his determination and ability on the court. Furthermore, Wawrinka solidified his status as a Grand Slam champion and a strong contender in tennis through his impressive victory in that deciding match.

Beyond the Australian Open success, Wawrinka continued to compete at a high level, maintaining his presence in the upper ranks of men’s tennis. Additionally, his aggressive playing style and mental toughness allowed him to consistently challenge the top players and remain a contender in various tournaments.


Stan Wawrinka’s romantic history unfolds through two significant relationships. In 2005, he embarked on a journey with Ilham Vuilloud, a former model and TV presenter. Their love story led them to marriage in 2009. Challenges arose, and in 2010, a temporary separation coincided with Ilham’s pregnancy. Despite this, they managed to reconcile. However, in 2015, the couple faced a permanent split.

Stan Wawarinkaa
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Parallel to this, in 2015, Wawrinka’s life took a new turn when he began dating Donna Vekic. This relationship garnered attention due to their substantial age difference. He was 30, and she was 19. Vekic is also a promising tennis player compared to Maria Sharapova. Their relationship did not last long, and they parted ways.
Currently, Wawarinka is single. His instagram is @stanwawrinka85

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