Wendy Chavarriaga Gil was an American Model. The model Wendy Chavarriaga Gil was responsible for the love triangle that resulted from her attraction to Pablo Escobar and his hitman “Popeye,” for which she gave her life.

Wendy and Pablo

Wendy Chavarriaga was one of 49 of Pablo Escobar Gaviria’s lovers. Popeye claims that Wendy Chavarriaga Gil led an extravagant life with Pablo Escobar as her partner.

Popeye also revealed Pablo Escobar’s precise rationale for calling it quits on his romance with the stunning model. Wendy wanted children, but Pablo didn’t want his girlfriends to become pregnant. Pablo ended his relationship with Wendy as a result. At that same period, Wendy Chavarriaga had also fallen pregnant by the ‘capo’. A costly error on her part, as Pablo’s requirement for his girlfriends was that they don’t get pregnant.

She then departed for the United States, where she felt certain about her safety, but Pablo was able to get in touch with her. In the heart of Medellín, they met in an apartment. Wendy was put to sleep there by a nurse, and the baby was later taken out by a vet. When she woke up, she vowed to exact revenge on him.

Wendy and Popeye

In a Medellin nightclub, Jario Velasquez Vasquez, popularly known as “Popeye,” first encountered Wendy. Wendy gave him a drink at the club, and as they conversed and danced, they fell in love. Next, they went to the model’s lavish apartment, which Escobar had gifted her back when they were first dating. Popeye had a passionate love affair that same evening. The next day, the drug dealer told his superiors about his relationship with Wendy.

Later, Popeye told his superiors about his relationship with Wendy, saying that Pablo Escobar was the only person he had ever truly been faithful to. He stated that he never deceived Escobar and always told the truth to him.

According to Velásquez, Pablo Escobar told him to use caution but nevertheless allowed him to be with her.

Wendy’s Betrayal

Escobar began to have doubts about Wendy and launched an investigation. In addition, Escobar tapped her phone and verified his suspicions by listening to the taped exchange.

Wendy had earlier that day spoken with members of the Search Block, a special Colombian police operation tasked with apprehending Escobar following his break-out from La Catedral prison, whether he was dead or alive.

Popeye hasn’t disclosed any details regarding Pablo’s location, though. Wendy told the authorities, who were about to turn over Colombia’s most wanted guy, that she would offer details as soon as she learned more. She thus turned into an informant.

After that, Popeye received a personal message from Pablo Escobar informing him of his findings and giving him the order to kill Wendy Chavarriaga Gil.

Wendy’s Murder

Popeye planned Wendy’s death on his own. He arranged to meet Wendy at one of the trendiest restaurants in the city. To finish the job, he also employed two additional workers.

As a professional assassin, Popeye killed over a hundred men.  But because he loved Wendy, Popeye was unable to murder her on his own.

Popeye’s guys were commanded to act promptly once the server asked for Miss Wendy. According to Popeye, he heard Wendy’s cries of helplessness and the bullets.

In addition, Popeye revealed all the specifics of the crime. He was angry, in love, sad, and hateful at the same time when he saw Wendy lying in a pool of blood.

He described the incident as though a malevolent spirit had surfaced from within, emphasizing that he had never had such an encounter before.

But Popeye went on, “But Wendy had betrayed my God, Pablo Escobar Gaviria,” narrating what he believed to be the darkest hour of his life.