Swedish actor ‘Edvin Ryding’ is well-known for his adaptable roles in theater, television, and movies. He achieved success in 2014 with the release of the film “Flocken,” and he has since won praise from critics. Among Ryding’s noteworthy television roles are those in “Thicker Than Water” and “Jordskott.” 

He has received nominations for his talent, including one for Best Actor at the Guldbagge Awards. Because of his versatility and commitment, Ryding has also looked into theater plays like “Romeo and Juliet.” Nonetheless, he became well-known throughout the world for his starring part in the Netflix series ‘Young Royals in 2021

Quick Info

REAL NAMEEdvin Ryding
BORNFebruary 4, 2003
AGE20 years old
NET WORTH$3 Million
HEIGHT5 feet 10 Inches


Stockholm is close to the Swedish town of Stromallm, where Edvin Ryding was born. On February 4, 2003, Lars Edvin Folke Ryding was born in Sweden to Swedish parents. As of 2023, he is 20, and Aquarius is his zodiac sign. When he was born, his given name was Lars Edvin Folke Ryding. He has always lived a secretive life, so he hasn’t revealed his parents’ names or their jobs.

To date, it is unknown if Edvin has siblings. Despite being of Swedish nationality, Edvin has mixed ancestry. He seems like a well-read person, so there’s a strong possibility he’s enrolled in a prestigious Swedish university. The specifics of Edvin’s educational history are still unknown. 

Edvin Ryding weighs about sixty kilograms and stands 5 feet 10 inches tall. In the entertainment industry, he has left a lasting impression despite his youth. Edvin Ryding is a very intelligent and talkative person. He enjoys hanging out with his loved ones and friends. Edvin has stunning brown hair and eyes. Edvin is not dating anyone at the moment and is single.

Net Worth 

Edvin Ryding’s net worth is $8 million. He owns that from his acting career. At the age of 6, he started as a child actor. He has played in many films and TV shows.

His Breakthrough Role in ‘Young Royals’

Despite his youth, he has already proven that he has the abilities needed to fill a variety of roles. Thanks to Netflix, he’s about to become well-known to people worldwide. Edvin plays ‘Wilhelm’ in the television series “Young Royals”, and the role is attracting a lot of attention for him already.  He played opposite to Omar Rudberg who is a popular singer and actor. The drama is a television series about adolescents that takes place in the fictitious elite boarding school Hillerska. Edvin commands the attention of the audience despite his youth.

Given that it’s no secret that Netflix can greatly boost a person’s career, it will be interesting to see what opportunities arise for Edvin in the future. Although Edvin’s experience has mostly been in front of the camera, he is also quite talented at voice acting.


For several years, teenage actor Edvin Ryding has been well-known all over Sweden. Although he’s young, he has already shown that he has what it takes to play a variety of roles. He portrayed the lead role in the animated Swedish film Resan till Fjäderkungens rike (The Journey to the Kingdom of the Feather King). Edvin loves his home country of Sweden, where he was born and raised. Since Edvin is an actor, it should go without saying that he values personal expression, and fashion is just another medium for him to do so.

He has a great sense of style and loves to put together ensembles. Edvin always seems to have just stepped off the catwalk when he shows up at events. In addition to the opportunity to travel domestically throughout Sweden, his job has allowed him to travel overseas.

As his career progresses, he will add more stamps to his passport. Edvin Ryding is well-known on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and others. As an actor, Edvin is used to being the one in front of the camera. Still, he appears to have found some comfort on the other side.

List of Films and TV Shows

Edvin has acted in many movies and television series for over ten years. Here are a few acting credits he has.

  • The Crown Jewels (2011) 
  • Prime Time (2012) 
  • Nobel’s Last Will (2012)
  •  Livstid (2012) 
  • IRL (2013)
  •  Paddington (2014)
  •  Beyond Beyond (2014) 
  • The 2016 film Paddington 2 
  • På Lugna gatan Storm (2018) 
  • Moving forward (2020) 
  • Maria Wern (2020)
  •  Dolittle (2020)
  •  Keep Looking Down (2021)
  •  Arcane (2021) 
  • Young Royals (2023)
  • Avgrunden (2023) 


  • Edvin Ryding has a wonderful personality that draws a lot of people in.
  • His family is well-educated and aristocratic.

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