Iman Gadzhi
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Iman Gadzhi is a very hard-working guy from his early teenage years, who has been able to establish himself as a successful self-made millionaire. He owns IAG Media, Grow Your Agency, and the Gadzhi brand in his name. He also has a youtube channel, whose main motive is to influence people and guide them to the right path of success.

Early Life and Career

Iman Gadzhi was born on 2000, January 3 in Russia, Dagestan. He grew up with his single mother. His mother’s name is Magnomedova Gadzhi. He is associated with Russian-Christian Family. Iman had to face a lot of financial instability in his early days of life. They were having problems purchasing basic requirements as well. He didn’t get to experience love from his father in his life. Iman is the only child of his mother that’s why, he took all the family responsibility in his head.

He dropped out of school to pursue his entrepreneurship career when he was a teenager. Iman had always shown a keen interest in reading books. He even stated that the main reason he is successful is because of reading books and implementing them practically. Iman had a big dream of making his mother proud by retiring from the job. Iman started his career as a digital marketer, where he approaches clients and signed a deal with them to promote their business on social media. He is also very consistent on youtube. He used to post informative videos and his career journey. Now, he is one of the richest youngest people in the world through all his sacrifices and hard work.

Personal Life

Iman is also a public figure, as he likes to share his life in public through Instagram and Youtube as well. Iman likes reading books, practicing meditation and doing exercise, spending quality time with his friends and his mother, and traveling. He is also very big on charity as he likes to help people and make this place “Earth”, a better and more peaceful place to live for them. He has also established more than 3 schools in rural areas of Nepal with his team. His main motive for establishing it is to provide quality education and enhance their career opportunities.

Did You Know These Things About Iman Gadzhi?

  • He drinks alcohol and smokes cigar.
  • He currently lives in UAE (United Arab Emirates).
  • He has a big collection of expensive watches.
  • He has established more than 3 schools in Nepal.
  • He was millionaire by the age of just 18.
  • He owns a private jet.
  • He has tattoos on his body.

What are the some books recommended by Iman Gadzhi for personal development?

There are many books in the world that provide unmeasurable value, but Iman has mentioned some of the books which helped him become a millionaire.

  • Psycho-Cybernetics
  • The Personal MBA
  • Reality Transurfing
  • The 50th Law
  • 100$ Offers
  • The Man Searching For Meaning

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How Much Is Iman Gadzhi Worth?

Iman Gadzhi has been successful in accumulating his wealth through entrepreneurship, public training, and investments. According to Mark Tilbury saying, he is worth approximately around $80 million.

NameIman Gadzhimagomedov
Age23 years old
Date of Birth2000, January 3
Place of BirthRussia, Dagestan
CompaniesIAG Media, Grow Your Agency, The Gadzhi
OccupationEntrepreneur, Public Trainer, Influencer
MotherMagnomedova Gadzhi
Height5 Feet 9 Inches
HobbiesMeditation, Boxing, Exercise, Travelling