Naval Ravikant
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Naval Ravikant is an American Immigrant from India, who has established himself as a self-made millionaire and investor through his hard work and determination. Naval has been able to influence many people on the path of success which includes peace, happiness, freedom of time, and reputation.

Early Life and Career

Naval Ravikant was born in India, New Delhi in 1974, on November 5. To open up more career opportunities, he moved out to New York with his mother and his brother named Kamal. He did his academics at Stuyvesant High School and graduated in 1991. Later on, he went on to pursue his career in Computer Science and economics at Dartmouth College.

Naval was a very ambitious and courageous type of person. He wanted to do something beyond his academics. After gaining many experiences, he co-founded “Epinions” (Consumer Product Review Site) in 1999. Naval was an early investor in different popular companies like Uber, Twitter,, Clubhouse, Notion, and so on. Naval started “The Hit Forge” with a 20$ million initial fund and a blog named “Venture Hacks”, which later on turned into “Angelist”. He also co-founded a cryptocurrency hedge fund named “MetaStable Capital” in 2014. He proved that it takes a lot of effort to be a millionaire.

Personal Life

Naval Ravikant has been married to Krystle Cho in 2013. They also gave birth to a child named, Neo. He loves reading books, doing yoga, practicing meditation, doing exercise, helping out different startups through initial investments, and spending time with the family. The main objective of Naval Ravikant’s life is obtaining peace, happiness, wealth, and freedom from time.

How Naval Ravikant Obtains Happiness and Peace?

  • Think independently with facts, don’t follow the crowd.
  • If you are facing difficulty in choosing between any two choices then, choose the one which has short terms difficulties.
  • To obtain happiness, expect nothing from others.
  • Even in a bad situation, find advantage.
  • You can be happy by accepting the things you can’t control.
  • Peace and happiness are obtained internally, not externally.
  • Don’t compare your present and past, live in the present.
  • If you want peace, meditate every day for 30 minutes-1 hour.
  • Hard Choices= Easy Life.
  • Easy Choices= Hard Life.

How Naval Ravikant accumulates Wealth?

  • Never remove what might work but, remove what won’t work.
  • Absorb the knowledge which has practical use, if you only keep it in your brain, it’s useless.
  • Learn to network with high value people.
  • Foundational knowledge is very essential for proper growth.
  • Read books (Non-Fictional Book)
  • Quality of work matters more than quantity of the work.
  • You will never get rich by renting your time to earn money, save your time to earn money.

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How much is Naval Ravikant Worth?

Naval Ravikant has been successful in accumulating his wealth through entrepreneurship and investments. According to different sources, he is worth approximately around $60 million.

NameNaval Ravikant
Age 48 years old
Date of Birth1974, November 5
Place of BirthIndia, New Delhi
Height5 Feet 7 Inches
ProfessionEntrepreneur, Investor
Weight78 Kilograms
Marital StatusMarried
HobbyMeditation, Yoga, Exercise, Reading Books, Helping Startups