Kim Namjoon is a famous musician and is well-recognized all over the world. Namjoon was born in Seoul, Korea, on September 12, 1994. Growing up, Namjoon was always fascinated by poetry and hip-hop music, which sparked his enthusiasm for creating his music and lyrics. RM is also well-known as a rapper, singer, and producer. Namjoon is also the leader of the famous boy band BTS. 

Namjoon Quick Info 

Full Name               KIM NAMJOON 

Birth Date               September 12, 1994         

Age                          29 years old

Zodiac                     Virgo

Profession              Rapper, Singer, Producer 

Net Worth              20 million dollars

MaritalStatus         Single          

Nationality             South Korean

Height                    1.81 m

Eye Color               Dark brown 

MBTI                       ENFP-T


Namjoon has been extremely interested in music since he was a young kid and became interested in hip-hop music after hearing Epik High’s “Fly” when he was 11 years old. While Rm tried out for several entertainment companies, Bighit Entertainment gave him the spot he wanted.  He joined Bighit Entertainment in 2010, but his official debut came in 2013. 

KIM Namjoon NetWorth 

South Korean rapper, singer, and music video producer RM is worth $20 million. RM’s earnings as a member of BTS account for a significant percentage of his net worth. In addition to his solo music releases and collaborations, RM has also ventured into solo activities.

He is an outstanding rapper and composer who has gained a reputation and perhaps made extra money from his solo projects engaging in numerous brand agreements and endorsement deals, which raised his worth.

KIM Namjoon NetWorth 

Namjoon Solo Music 

In 2015, RM released the mixtape “RM,” marking his first performance as a solo artist. His abilities as a rapper, producer, and songwriter were on full display in this mixtape. Since then, RM has kept on releasing solo music and displaying his growth as an artist.

RM released his second mixtape by himself in 2018 under the name “Mono.” It won a lot of appreciation for its reflective themes, classy lyrics, and fusion of several musical styles. The mixtape was a huge hit, topping iTunes charts across many nations. 

RM has worked with numerous musicians from different musical backgrounds as a solo artist. He has collaborated with several Korean artists as well as Wale, Lil Nas X, HONNE, and others. 

KIM Namjoon Personal Life

He grew up in the Ilsan District of Goyang after his family shifted there when he was five years old. He has a younger sister. As a kid, RM learned English by watching the American sitcom Friends with his mother. 

Namjoon suffered from nasal problems and to cure his nasal septum distortion, he underwent septoplasty in 2018. During his recovery period, RM took a break from band activities and his bandmates have been staying in Hannam-dong in Seoul, South Korea, since 2018. 

KIM Namjoon Personal Life

Namjoon MBTI 

Since RM is an extroverted ENFP, he gets his energy from being among other people. He is sociable, and outgoing, and enjoys interacting with people, making connections, and sharing ideas.

RM is intuitive and focuses on the big picture, patterns, and possibilities rather than concrete details. He may be naturally inclined towards innovation, creativity, and unconventional problem-solving. 

RM, being a perceiving type, tends to prioritize flexibility and spontaneity rather than structure and planning. His versatile musical skills and willingness to experiment with different genres and styles align well with this trait.

KIM Namjoon And BTS

Namjoon is a really important part of the worldwide hit group BTS. The majority of their popular songs, with their heart-touching lyrics that cross all boundaries, were written by RM. Namjoon is not only a talented songwriter, but he also represents BTS as a spokesperson.

Being a spokesperson he has skillfully spoken for society on many international platforms and interviews, easily overcoming linguistic and cultural barriers. His assistance in spreading BTS’s message of love, unity, and self-empowerment has greatly helped in their rise to international recognition.

The three guiding principles of BTS   Self-expression, Authenticity, and Unity are symbolized by Namjoon. This can be credited to his journey from a passionate underground rapper to a global superstar, which is an inspirational example aimed particularly at the ARMY

Namjoon Instagram

Anyone who follows Namjoon on Instagram can get a sense of what an artist is thinking and feeling. RM tells the world about his point of view through interesting pictures and thoughtful comments. Namjoon has an astounding 44.8 million followers on his Instagram. His feed is like a diary that records his trip, adventures, and growth as a person. 

Namjoon’s dedication to being real is clear on Instagram, which shows how much he loves expressing himself and connecting with fans. His account shows him sharing moments from the studio or thinking about himself. 

Namjoon and His Fans  

ARMY stands for “Adorable Representative M.C. for Youth”. Namjoon’s relationship with the army is typical of interactions based on respect. Namjoon’s songs and deep thoughts on life connect well with his fans.

Army is more than just a group of fans. Army is the driving force that brings worldwide fans together. BTS has grown so much because of how hard they work, how creative they are, and how persistent they are. 

Namjoon and ARMY have a strong bond that comes from love, admiration, and a desire to spread positivity and positive thoughts.

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