Michael Mando is one of the bright faces in Hollywood’s film industry. He has made his name in the film industry by playing a remarkable role in different movies and web series.

Michael Mando is very popular for his role in “Better Call Sau”l, where he played the role of Nacho Verga. He is also quite popular for his role in the MCU movie Spider-Man Homecoming, where he has acted the role of Scorpion. 

Mando is well known for his multi-talent acting, writing, directing, and singing in the movies. He has written and acted in different popular movies in Hollywood.

He spent his childhood out of Canada, mostly in Ghana, Ivory Coast, and Lebanon. Later on in his teenage years, he returned to Canada. Then he started acting in different movies and eventually, he got into the TV industry in 2008.

Michael Mando Age

Michael Mando was born on July 13, 1981, in Quebec City, Canada. He is now 42 years old.

Michael Mando Movies and TV Shows

Michael Mando debuted in the TV series in 2008 with “The Border” Show. He then continued to act on other TV shows like The Last Templar, Web of Lies, and Flashpoint in 2009. 

In 2010, he acted in The Bridge and Lost World TV shows. In the same year, he debuted in the film industry with the short film “Conditional Affection”. That was the short film directed, written, and produced by Michael Mando. After that, Michael Mando acted in Abyss of the Mind in 2011. Afterward, he kept on doing many movies and TV shows. 

He is also well known for his role of Mac Gargan, Scorpion in Spider-Man Homecoming. He was seen in the Breaking Bad series, acting in the role of Nacho Verga. Mando has voiced over the video games like Far Cry 3 and Far Cry 6. 

His popular movies and TV series include Better Call Saul, Psych, The Killing, Orphan Black, Covert Affairs, etc. He has been nominated in different awards shows like Canadian Screen Awards, Saturn Awards, etc. However, he has not won any big awards to date.

Is Michael Mando in Marvel?

Is Michael Mando in Marvel?

Yes, Michael Mando has been part of MCU. He was seen in the Spider-Man Homecoming movie, where he played the role of Scorpion. 

Reports say that he is also going to be part of Spider-Man 4, for the same villain character role of Scorpion in the movie.

Michael Mando Net Worth 2023

Reportedly, the net worth of Michael Mando is $5 million. The majority portion of his wealth came from acting in different TV series and movies. However, he has also produced and written movies, like, Wake Up, The Hummingbird, Orphan Black, etc.

Mando is also seen along with Bob Odenkirk in the series Better Call Saul. Reportedly, he took over $80,000 per episode in that series. He has also been giving voice-over in different video games like Far Cry 3, Far Cry 6, Sound White Skateboarding, etc. 

Mando has been showing his luxurious lifestyle through his social media accounts. He owns many cars, luxury watches, and many other luxury items.

Michael Mando Wife

Michael Mando has kept his relationship private from the public. He does not say anything related to his relationship life through social media or interviews. He has neither given any hint about his relationship with anybody. 

However, rumors were spreading that Mando was in a relationship with Rhea Seehorn. It was just a rumor. They were just a part of Better Call Saul. So, most of the time they were seen together. That’s why, these rumors spread that they are in a relationship. Rhea Seehorn is already married in 2018. So, rumors about their relationship are fake.

Michael Mando Instagram

Michael Mando Instagram

Mando has been active on Instagram for a long time. To date, he has posted more than 255 posts. He has more than 600k followers on Instagram while he is following only 237 people. Most of the posts are related to music, movies, gym, and focusing on his luxury lifestyle. He posted many of the pictures on his vacations and pictures with his film co-stars.

Other than Instagram, Mando is also active on Twitter, where he has more than 200k followers. He is active on Facebook, where he has more than 100k followers.

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