Robert John Odenkirk, popularly known as Bob Odenkirk, is a writer, producer, comedian, and actor who has done several works in Hollywood. He is well known for his acting in Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul. 

Bob Odenkirk was born on October 22, 1962, in Illinois, U.S. Now he is 60 years old. His childhood was really difficult. His parents were divorced, and he used to hate his father as he was an alcoholic and violent person.

He started his career as a writer and then shifted to actor-director and later produced many movies and acted in many series.

Bob Odenkirk Movies and TV Shows

Bob Odenkirk started his career in the film industry in 1987 as a writer for the Saturday Night Live show. Then he kept on writing in many shows and similarly on the way he also started to get small roles in some movies and shows. 

His is one of the iconic roles that started in 2009 when he acted in the Breaking Bad series. He acted as a lawyer Saul Goodman in the show. 

The famous movies of Bob Odenkirk include The Cable Guy, The Independent, Incredibles 2, The Room, etc. He has also written many TV shows and series like Saturday Night Live, Life on Mars, Better Call Saul,  and many others. He has acted on shows like How I Met Your Mother, The Office, etc. Bob Odenkirk has voiced the role of Mob Lawyer in the Simpsons show.

Bob Odenkirk Net Worth

According to our sources, the net worth of Bob Odenkirk is $26 million. His wealth came from his successful career in writing, acting, and producing many series and movies.

In the first season of the series Better Call Saul, he earned $150,000 per episode in the first season. He earned more than $1.5 million from the first season only. Later on, he kept on getting the increment in each season, and by the end of the sixth season, he got over $2.5 million as the season was hit. 

It is also estimated that he earned over $1.5 million from his career-changing series Breaking Bad. From his roles in the Breaking Bad series, he got more fame and got many more working opportunities that helped him to earn more money than he was earning before that.

In his whole career, he has directed, written, produced, and done cameos in many of the movies and series. His highest-performing series or movies include Breaking Bad, The Office, Better Call Saul, How I Met Your Mother, etc. He has done guest cameos and many ads that added his net worth to the whole thing.

Bob Odenkirk Wife

Bob Odenkirk Wife

Bob Odenkirk is married to his wife, Naomi Odenkirk. Together they have two children, one son and one daughter. Naomi Odenkirk is also a writer-producer. She has produced many movies and series. 

In the 1990s, she used to work as an assistant producer in a talent agency. Naomi Odenkirk is also an author whose books are featured in many shows and magazines. 

The couple met in 1994. They liked each other and started dating. Eventually, they got married in 1997. They have been happily married for more than 25 years. Reportedly, Naomi has also convinced Bob Odenkirk to play the role of Saul Goodman in the Breaking Bad series.

Bob Odenkirk Children

Bob Odenkirk and Naomi Odenkirk have two children together. They welcomed their son, Nathan, in December 1998. Nathan is now 25 years old and has appeared in some of the mini-series and short movies. 

They welcomed their daughter, Erin, in 2000. Now Erin is 23 years old. Recently, Bob Odenkirk has written a book called Zikot, and the book was illustrated by her daughter Erin Odenkirk.

Bob Odenkirk Social Media

Bob Odenkirk Social Media

Bob Odenkirk is active on his social media accounts. He has over 1.2 million followers on Instagram, over 1.2 million followers on Twitter, and more than 600k followers on Facebook

He is more active on Instagram and Twitter, but he is not so active on Facebook. The last time he posted was in February 2021 on his Facebook account, so he is not active there. Combined, he has more than 3 million followers on his social media accounts. 

On his social media accounts, he keeps sharing his pictures, quotes, and updates with his fans about his upcoming shows and movies. We can see him more active on Twitter than on other social media accounts.