Mikel Arteta Amatriain, also popularly known as Mikel Arteta is a legendary football manager of the famous English Football Club “Arsenal” A.K.A ‘The Gunners’. Football Fans all over the world praise and respect him for the dedication and hard work he has shown to renovate the whole Arsenal Team which led them to many victories.

Early Life and Career

Mikel Arteta was born in Sebastian, Spain in 1982, March 26. He was a former Spanish professional football player and football manager who have shown great tactics and determination to win different championships. He is the son of Mr. Kalju Aru and Mrs. Heilen Aru. Arteta had always shown a keen interest in football.

By the age of just 8, Arteta started building his career in football at an amateur youth club named Antiguoko in his hometown “San Sebastian”. At Antiguko, he met Xavi Alonso (Former player of Liverpool, Real Sociedad, Real Madrid, and Bayern Munich) with whom he built a very strong relationship in Football. Sadly after playing together and building great chemistry, their career paths got separated where Arteta went to Barcelona and Alonso went to Real Sociedad.

Arteta played in different famous Professional Football Clubs like Barcelona, Paris Saint Germain, Rangers, Real Sociedad, and Everton and he retired from playing at Arsenal. After retirement, he began his managing career by joining Pep Guardiola’s team Manchester City and gained a lot of experience as an individual. Arteta was appointed as the coach of team ‘Arsenal’ in 2019, December 20. From the day of their appointment, he desired to make Arsenal more stronger and competitive. After managing Arsenal for years and years, he has been successful to retain the high image status of Team Arsenal.

Personal Life

Arteta was married to Spanish-Argentine television host, model, and actress ‘Lorena Bernal’ on 2010, July 17. They have three children. They welcomed their first child named Gabriel Arteta in 2009 and Daniel Arteta in 2012 and Oliver Arteta in 2015. Arteta can speak around 7 languages. He has a very frank personality and can be familiar with someone very quickly. He have a elite mentality which helped him win many championships back in the days.

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Interesting Insiders About Mikel Arteta

  • He began his early football career with Xavi Alonso.
  • He was not able to enter in Barcelona ‘A’ Team and was loaned out to PSG.
  • He has managed to win 2 FA Cups with Arsenal.
  • He was a mid fielder before retiring.
  • He have played with 6 Professional Football Clubs.

What is the net worth and salary of Mikel Arteta?

Talking about his net worth, he has accumulated his wealth through different sources. According to reports, Arteta is worth approximately around $25 million USD. He receives around £158,000 per week from Arsenal.

NameMikel Artete Amatriain
Age41 years old
SalaryPer Week £158,000
Date of BirthMarch 26, 1982
Place of BirthSebastian, Spain
Height5 Feet 9 Inches
Weight69 kilograms
OccupationTeam Arsenal Manager