Scammer Payback also known as “Pierogi” is a very talented cybersecurity expert and Youtuber, who is widely famous for his scam-baiting content on Youtube. Pierogi who is well-known for his scam-baiting content on youtube was born on July 16th,1996. That makes him 26 years as of 2024. In today’s digital age, online scams have become an unfortunate reality and that’s where people like Scammer Payback aka Pierogi jump as unsung heroes to expose and bring scammers to justice.

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Scammer Payback has helped to raise awareness of the dangers of tech scams by creating videos about cybercrime. His youtube channel which creates scam-baiting content has around 5 million subscribers and 607 million total views, making him one of the greatest scam-bating content creators.

Youtube Career

Pierogi who primarily works as a cyber security expert started a youtube channel “Scammer Payback” back on May 15 2019. Using his expertise in cyber security, he has exposed and shut down a variety of scams and scammers.

Pierogi typically contacts scammers by pretending to be a victim. He then wastes their time by stalling them and asking them questions. Pierogi deletes the data of frustrated scammers. He also uses his knowledge to track down the scammers and expose them to the public.

According to different sources, Pierogi has exposed over 100 scam call centers and helped to recover over $1 million dollar. Being a true hero, Scammer Payback aka Pierogi has created and raised awareness about cyber crimes.

How much is Scammer Payback worth?

Scammer Payback aka Pierogi is one of the most famous scam-baiting content creators who started with nothing. Thanks to his cyber security expertise and his youtube channel, he now is quite established in his career.

According to various sources, Scammer Payback estimated net worth is around $7.4 million. Thanks to Pierogi’s career and hard work, he has been able to accumulate a decent amount of fortune.

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Scammer Payback Wife

Being a renowned scam-baiting content creator, many fans are wondering about Pierogi’s marital status. According to different sources, He is married to an attractive blonde who is from Russia. Pierogi, being private about his personal life, we do not have much more information.