Sophie Horn
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Sophie Horn is a Professional Women’s Golfer, who has played numerous amounts of professional as well as amatuer golf championships all over the world. She always had a keen interest towards golfing from a very early age.

She wanted to make her career as a golfer and always had that hunger to win different championships. Sophie is also considered a role model for many young women golfers. She is popularly known for her charming personality, humble nature, and unique golfing ability.

How Sophie Horn Discovered Golf?

Sophie grew up watching different talented professional players in golf tournaments from a very young age. Before she made her presence in professional golfing, she was a worker at a nine-hole golf course. Sophie stated that her parents hold a big responsibility for success of her daughter’s professional golfing career.

She initially started her golfing career after she partnered with Wilson Golf, through the mutual connection of her Father. She started with driving range. Talking about her perspective on the social aspect of golf, she believes golf should be the game that brings laughter, enjoyment, people closer to each other, creation of harmony.

She has not been active in golf since 2012. Besides golf, she is also a model who has been actively seen in different commercials. Since 2012, she has also not been active in the modeling side. There is not much information about her on the public platform. She chooses to keep her information to herself. She prefers to enjoy a private life without involving herself in any public platforms.

Sophie Horn’s View On Male Dominated Game

Sophie Horn has raised her voice for more opportunities and infrastructural development for young women who want to pursue their careers as golfers. She firmly believes that women should receive equal treatment to men in terms of golfing opportunities, facilities, payments, and the spotlight.

Besides her professional golfing career, Sophie Horn aims to bring more spotlight to female golfers and make the golfing industry female-dominated rather than male dominated.

Golf Specific Fitness Tips To Improve Game By Sophie Horn

  • Before heading to the game, one should stretch out their body to increase flexibility and reduce injuries on the first tee.
  • The exercise we can do to improve golfing fitness is grabbing an iron from the bag and squatting down while raising the arms. ( This stretch helps prepare the shoulders and get the blood flowing)
  • She suggests doing 15 repetitions of this exercise before hitting the first shot.

How One Can Perform ‘Golf Swing Dumbbell Rotation’ Properly By Sophie Horn

She states that performing this exercise before hitting the first shot in the games strengthens and stretches the core muscles aimed at strengthening and stretching the core muscles essential for a consistent and powerful golf swing.

  • She suggests to have two dumbbells, initially starting with a lighter weight and gradually increasing it as proficiency improves.
  • She states that, to maximize its effectiveness, one should maintain proper posture and avoid lateral movements.
  • She advises that performing 15-20 repetitions for 2 sets, 2-3 times a week can lead to a better, more powerful, and consistent golf swing.

How Can One Improve Their Game By Sophie Horn

This exercise includes hip rotation using a stability ball. She suggests that every player should do this consistently to have better game results. She even suggests that this is one of the crucial exercises which is very effective in golf.

  • This exercise separates the upper body from the lower body.
  • You should control the movement, keeping your back flat on the floor and your head down.
  • She suggests that, by doing 15 repetitions of this exercise in 3 sets, one can improve their flexibility and consistent swing performance.

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Sophie Horn Net Worth

According to different sources, Sophie Horn is worth approximately $3 million. She has been successful in accumulating her wealth through golfing, mentorships, brand deals, investments, modeling and so on.