Tarek Yassin Skylar, professionally known as Taz Skylar, is a highly talented Spanish actor and screenwriter based in London. With his exceptional skills and dedication, Skylar has achieved great success in the entertainment industry. From his self-written off-West-end play, Warheads, to his work on Amazon Prime’s Gassed Up and the upcoming role of Sanji in the Netflix series One Piece (2023), Skylar continues to impress audiences with his remarkable talent and passion.

Taz Skylar
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Taz Skylar: Early and Personal Life

Skylar’s upbringing roots him in the vibrant Canary Islands of Tenerife, Spain. He was born to a Lebanese father from Sierra Leone and an English mother from Yorkshire. His diverse background enriches his creative perspective and storytelling abilities. While still a teenager, Skylar pursued his passion for surfing and craftsmanship by creating surfboards. This early dedication to his craft laid the foundation for his future success.

However, life took an unexpected turn when Skylar suffered a car accident that resulted in a concussion. This unfortunate incident prevented him from enlisting as a reservist in the British Army in 2016 due to failed medical tests. With resilience and determination, Skylar embraced this obstacle as an opportunity to explore his creative side. In the year-long waiting period before reapplying, he delved into the world of writing and acting, ultimately discovering his true calling.

Taz Skylar Career

Skylar’s career began to blossom in the United Kingdom, where he initially took on small acting roles. In 2015, he showcased his talent in short films such as Venom and Beautiful. The following year, Skylar portrayed David in the short film Trophy (2016) before making waves as Caps in The Reserves from 2018 to 2019. Notably, Skylar not only starred in The Reserves but also wrote and produced the project, showcasing his multifaceted abilities.

In 2018, Skylar ventured into directing with the release of his short film Multi-Facial, marking a significant milestone in his artistic journey. The subsequent year saw him make his feature film debut in The Kill Team, where he portrayed the compelling character of Sergeant Dawes. Continuously expanding his repertoire, Skylar portrayed Marty in Lie Low and Betim in the short film Final Gift in 2019. His performances continued to captivate audiences, and in 2020, he further showcased his versatility as Jason in Villain.

Skylar’s talent and range did not go unnoticed, leading to his inclusion in the cast of Agatha Raisin in 2022, where he portrayed the character Harry Beam in two episodes of the series. Shortly after, he portrayed Gin in The Deal (2022) and made a memorable appearance as Walt in an episode of The Lazarus Project (2022).

However, the pinnacle of Skylar’s career arrived in 2023, when he secured a role in the highly anticipated series One Piece as Sanji. This major production marks a significant milestone in his acting journey, solidifying his reputation as a versatile and talented performer.

Taz Skylar Net Worth

With his successful acting career, Taz Skylar has accumulated an estimated net worth of $2 to $4 Million Dollars. His remarkable talent and dedication have undoubtedly contributed to his financial success. Taz earned $150,000 per episode as Sanji in One Piece Live – Action

Taz Skylar Instagram

As an up-and-coming actor, Taz Skylar has garnered a substantial following on social media, particularly on Instagram. On this platform, he maintains an active presence, regularly sharing captivating posts from his adventurous trips, surfing expeditions, mountain climbing endeavors, and more. While he may not be present on other social media platforms currently, Skylar’s Instagram account boasts an impressive 1.6 million followers. His engaging content often features behind-the-scenes glimpses of his work and delightful snapshots with his fellow cast members, especially from the world of One Piece.

Taz Skylar Instagram

Taz Skylar and One Piece

Undoubtedly, Taz Skylar’s career reached new heights with his portrayal of “Sanji” in the popular Netflix Live Action Adaptation Series “One Piece”. Skylar’s commitment to the role is truly commendable, as he even took the initiative to learn cooking in order to thoroughly understand and embody his character. Fans of the series unequivocally see Skylar as the embodiment of Sanji, a testament to his exceptional dedication and passion for his craft.

Taz Skylar One Piece
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In conclusion, Taz Skylar’s journey in the entertainment industry is a testament to his remarkable talent, versatility, and unwavering dedication. From his early beginnings in Tenerife to his acclaimed performances and upcoming role on One Piece, Skylar continues to captivate audiences with his unique storytelling abilities and charismatic on-screen presence. As his career continues to flourish, audiences can eagerly anticipate witnessing the evolution of this extraordinary actor and screenwriter.

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