In a world where success seems to come without difficulty to someone, Victoria Anne Simmons was a true and live instance of it. Victoria Anne Simmons was born on September 26, 2006, to her parents father Joseph Simmons a former Run–DMC rapper and hip-hop music pioneer, and mother Justine Simmons who is famous for All About the Washington’s (2018), Rev Run’s Renovation (2014) and Rev Run’s Sunday Suppers (2014).

How was Victoria Anne Simmons born?

Victoria Anne Simmons is a name that carries both happiness and pain at the same time. Born to the famous celebrity couple Joseph Simmons and Justine Simmons in September 2006. At the age of 43 & 42 respectively they welcomed Victoria Anne Simons as their fifth child to expand the family but as her name, she could not get the victory over her life.

During the pre-medical health checkup halfway through the pregnancy, the unborn child had an omphalocele, a medical condition that caused her organs to grow outside her body doctors told. Still, the couples have faith in the lord and continue their pregnancy believing God will give them a miracle baby.

Victoria Anne Simons: One Day Life

After the successful operation of Justine, there was an irregular health problem for Justine thus she was moved into the emergency section and Victoria was left with other nurses to take care of. When Victoria was brought up in the world, she weighed about four pounds and five ounces.

Victoria began to show her genetic problem, the nurses were scared of her problems and during the third session of her checkup, at this time Victoria did not make it. Doctors informed the parents. She passed away on the same day in 2006.

Victoria’s Birth Defect: Omphalocele

Sadly, Victoria came into the world with an uncommon ⁠ congenital anomaly called an omphalocele. This state causes an infant’s organs ⁠ to grow externally the organism.

In this case, it was full of struggle for an infant who had a fragile body that could not overcome. Despite the effort put in by her parents and medical experts, she could not win against death. Her time on earth was a pure testament to the fight against omphalocele and the audacity she embraces.

What Impact does Victoria leave to her beloved parents?

In an interview, since he lost his youngest one, he informed his son, Daniel Diggy Simons had the utmost pain. The camera also captured the live footage of the heartbreaking news. Fortunately, Joseph and Justine’s children had their parents to lean on. The former rapper said: “Basically, we teach our kids thankfulness.

Justine also revealed that this was the most heartbreaking pain she had suffered ever. Only the mother can feel the maximum pain of losing her children. Justine Simmons, in the couple’s book “Old School Love” which was published in 2020, shared her feelings about her daughter’s loss. She said, “I had carried Victoria Anne full-term; she was in me, a part of me. I could feel her every single day in me… I was lonely for my child.”

What did they do after Victoria passed away?

Times enough they healed and concluded that they were going to adopt a baby child in remembrance of Victoria. As soon as Joseph asked Justine if she agreed with it or not all my sufferings vanished. Doing that was the one thing I had my heart set on,” Justine said. “That was God’s plan from the beginning; I knew it and felt it deep within my soul and heart.”

According to Justine, “Miley is just as much from my body as Victoria was.” “I want all women to know that adoption is a true miracle, especially for those who are unable to conceive a child or carry a child to term,”

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